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We can't link to it, but the New York Sun's Tim Starks has a great story about celebs and their donations.

It begins like this: "Comedian Jerry Seinfeld went for Senator Kerry of Massachusetts. The CEO of AOL Time Warner, Richard Parsons, went with President Bush. Real estate and casino magnate Donald Trump split the difference and went with both the president and Mr. Kerry. Whomever they sided with, many of New York's top celebrities and business executives jumped into the 2004 presidential fund-raising fray in the second three months of the year, according to fund-raising reports the campaigns turned in yesterday to federal election officials."

The New York Times ' Richard A. Oppel Jr. covered the money story from the angle of the Iraqis planning a war-crime court. LINK


--Salaries plus payroll taxes: about $1.1 million. Fraction of total disbursements: about a third. --Travel expenses are low, low, low. Why? A Dean campaign (not so) secret: the candidate and staff stay with supporters. --Aside from salaries, direct mail was the second largest Dean disbursement. --Dean raised more than $100,000 from 10 states and more than $50,000 from 18. --The itemized Dean donor who comes first on the alphabet is David Aaker from Oneida, California. He lists his occupation as a "prophet." --According to's tabulation, at least 792 attorneys, nearly 200 college professors, and 101 artists contributed. --Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont was paid about $50,000 for comprehensive health insurance covering Dean employees. --The Air Charter Team of Kansas, City, Mo. handled most of the flying around. --There's also that $300,000 media expense we all know about.

The Balz-Edsall story has this to say about Dean and matching funds: "The Dean campaign said it received contributions from 73,226 individuals in the second quarter, and it estimated that more than 60 percent of the total it has raised this year qualifies for federal matching grants under the public financing program that provides taxpayer money equaling the contributions of $250 or less from individuals." LINK "The matching rate for Dean is much higher than the normal level which, according to the FEC, is usually in the 25 percent to 33 percent range. That will give Dean a built-in cushion in January, when the federal funds are dispersed, even if the other candidates outraise him in the next six months."


--The campaign spent $21,000 on polling. --1,904 of 4,212 individual itemized donations came from attorneys; 9 were from legal secretaries; --Edwards raised at least $780,000 in California. --The Note was excited to see the smart traveling techniques … lots of Orbitz, Southwest Airlines, and a couple Travelocity entries.

Most of the coverage gives Edwards props for his cash on hand and total raised to date.

More from the Raleigh N & O duo: "According to a News & Observer analysis, more than $2.3 million of the $4.5 million Edwards raised during the second quarter came from lawyers, other members of the legal profession and those sharing their same home addresses — presumably spouses or other relatives."

"The ratio continued a general pattern that has existed throughout the political career of Edwards, a former trial lawyer."

"During the first quarter, an even greater share — more than 61 percent — of Edwards' money appears to have come from members of the legal profession and their relatives, according to The N&O analysis."

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