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"Edwards' second quarter take from North Carolina — $308,622 — was about one-third of what he raised in his home state in the first quarter."

":Among the notable donors who gave to Edwards in the second quarter: Vernon Jordan, a Washington power broker and close friend of former President Clinton; Sandy Berger, Clinton's former national security adviser; lawyer Johnnie Cochran; actress Glenn Close; singer Barbra Streisand; Glenn Frey of the Eagles rock band; and professional football player Robert Porcher of the Detroit Lions."


--At least 772 attorneys donated to the campaign, per --Only $15,550 in itemized donations from Iowa. Largest amount, statewise, came from California, followed by New York and then Missouri. (Also per --Spent nearly $700,000 on salaries and payroll taxes. --Spent $94,500 on polling services from Westhill. The AP's Fournier has exclusive details of Gephardt's meetings with Democratic Party officials to prevent a panic.

"Gephardt was making the rounds of party leaders and constituency groups, urging them not to give up on his presidential campaign despite the poor fund-raising performance. One meeting was with Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The union has not endorsed a candidate although McEntee has spoken favorably about Kerry." LINK Congressman Gephardt used a press avail after the Human Rights Campaign forum to explain his quarter:

"'We are on course … ..We are raising the amount that we set out to raise.' He said he was 'roughly very close to halfway' to his goal of $20 million for the year. That calculation includes $2.4 million he transferred from his House campaign committee earlier this year," USA Today 's Lawrence reports.

"Donna Brazile, a Democratic Party strategist who was Gephardt's field director in 1988, said he has run a strong campaign this time. But the new figures 'should be a wake-up call,' she said. 'Unless he picks up money soon, it looks like he's heading back into his 1988 territory. We had a good candidate. We had endorsements in the bank. But we had no money to complete the battle.'"

Lawrence allows the Gephardt campaign to end on a positive Note:

"Gephardt spokesman Erik Smith predicted four or five candidates would be competitive for the Democratic nomination and said Gephardt would be one of them. 'If you've got $6 million the bank,; he said, 'you're not going to be excluded from this race.'"


--The campaign paid $135,500 to the Garin Strategic Group for polling. --The largest occupation group listed for donors was "Information Requested" (383 entries), with 360 attorneys coming in a close second. --1,506 of itemized 1,991 donations came from Florida for total of $1.2 million. ( --The campaign spent only $29,000 spent on air and rail travel. The Florida press corps is not kind to Senator Graham:

The Orlando Sentinel's Silva: "'Jamal Simmons, spokesman for the senator, said Graham is on course in his fund raising. Graham joined the fray late, after open-heart surgery this past winter.' 'For someone who started at zero 100 days ago, we've had a strong start,' Simmons said. 'At the end of the day, money is not what determines the winner.'" LINK

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