The Note

Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—9:00 am: House convenes for legislative business —9:30 am: Senate convenes for legislative business —9:45 am: Off-camera White House press gaggle —10:00 am: Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan testifies to House Financial Services Committee, Capitol Hill —10:20 am: President Bush meets with Czech Republic Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, White House —10:30 am: Inaugural White House press briefing with Scott McClellan —11:00 am: Representative Dennis Kucinich leads a press conference on Iraq intelligence, Capitol Hill —12:30 pm: Human Rights Campaign presidential candidates forum, D.C. —1:00 pm: Governor Bill Richardson addresses the National Council of La Raza luncheon, Austin, Texas —1:00 pm: Senator Ted Kennedy delivers speech on problems in Iraq, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, D.C. —2:30 pm: OMB Director Josh Bolten delivers briefing on FY 2003 Mid-Session Review, D.C. —4:15 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman holds press availability, Capitol grounds, Richmond, Virginia —6:30 pm: Senator John Edwards holds town hall meeting, Portsmouth, New Hampshire


So many gurgling summer political stories, so few Googling monkeys to deploy to cover them.

As Bill Keller is about to (re-)learn, in the Bush-Cheney-Evans economy, so much of news management involves trying to cover more and more with less and less.

You do the math: start with 1,000 monkeys.

250 are in the Hamptons through September 1.

250 are the bare minimum required to get The Note published.

That leaves 500 to deploy on various assignments.

We've sent 200 to the White House to try to get one into the senior staff and communications meetings throughout the day to try to get glimpses into the reaction to the amazing Dana Priest (GE/WP) and Dana Milbank (adorable/WP) Washington Post story deconstructing all the inconsistencies in the administration's stories over the months about yellowcake.

It's a must-read. LINK

We've dispatched 50 to Capitol Hill to stand in line to hold us seats for the George Tenet hearing tomorrow.

We've sent 75 to stakeout the Lieberman campaign headquarters, to find out the deal with his finance staff quitting, and 25 to chase his kids around, to find out how their salary levels were determined.

That leaves 175 to go to the FEC and wait for second-quarter reports and keep hitting "refresh" on their WiFi-equipped laptops.

And we still have to figure out how many to send to California.

To engage in the kind of zero-sum, who's-up-who's-down analysis that Ari Fleischer so detests, we have to ask: whose hand would you rather hold today? (And we mean in the poker sense, not the Beatles sense … .):

The Democrats, with a David Broder must-read (about the POTUS re-election prospects and "Black Thursday") leading the way on a brutal day of op-eds in the major papers; the Washington Post 's twin devastating stories about how big the federal budget deficit is and how it is hurting people at the local level; Senator Alexander! defecting on the environment; the families of American troops worried about when (and how) their loved ones are coming home; a bit of disarray on Medicare; and, of course, the drumdrumdruming of Iraq intelligence, with the word "impeachment" now being thrown around?

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