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The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy have Arnold Schwarzenegger planning to show T3 to troops in Iraq, but being discreet about the dicey situation there: "'I'm keeping my own feelings out of it … I'm going specifically to screen it for the thousands of soldiers who are responsible for safeguarding us … Anything else, you have to speak to the White House. … If there is a vacuum of leadership over there, or confusion, all of that is a whole other story.'" LINK A&E's Biography is running an Arnold profile tonight, and the New York Post 's Adam Buckman thinks it might be a tad too positive ("Arnold Schwarzenegger is aiming much too low if he plans on running for governor of California … After watching tonight's "Biography" on the Muscles from Austria (sorry, I can't say ' Brussels ' since Arnold isn't Belgian), I'm convinced he should settle for nothing less than sainthood.") . LINK Politics: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee isn't leaving the presidential candidates to have all the fun of fundraising announcements. The DCCC took in $7 million in the second quarter and wiped out more than half its debt, ending with $6.3 million in cash on hand, The Washington Post 's Juliet Eilperin writes. LINK In an A1 story, USA Today 's William M. Welch and Susan Page Note that in the Senate in 2004 "10 of the 11 seats that analysts see as potentially competitive are in states Bush won in 2000." ." LINK "The outlook in the House for 2004 is less clear. But Republicans also start with a geographic edge. Of the 50 House races that were closest last year--those in which the winner received 55% of the vote or less--31 were in states Bush won; 19 were in states Democratic candidate Al Gore won."

USA Today 's coverage of Senator Thurmond's funeral Notes that only seven U.S. senators attended the funeral of their ex-colleague.

"One senator, Bob Graham, D-Fla., was in South Carolina but spent the day in meetings about his presidential campaign. Three other senators running for president, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, John Kerry of Massachusetts and John Edwards of North Carolina, also were no-shows, as were five other Democratic candidates."

"(UVA Prof. Larry) Sabato said 'fear of retribution' may have kept some senators from attending Thurmond's funeral."

"Joe Erwin, South Carolina Democratic Party chairman, said Democratic presidential hopefuls wouldn't have suffered. 'I don't think it would have hurt any of them,' Erwin said. 'He changed with the Times . … I think people respect how far he came.'"

The Charleston Post and Courier's Schuyler Kropf and James Scott write, "Of the five eulogies delivered for former U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, the most stirring came from a liberal Democrat who came to the Senate openly vowing to fight for civil rights." LINK The State's Valerie Bauerlein and Lee Bandy report that "it was U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, D-Del. — a self-described Northeast liberal who disagreed with Thurmond on almost every issue — who elicited the most laughs, the most muffled "wows" and the most tears." LINK Never underestimate the power of a ride in a presidential limo: LINK "House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, bracing for a series of special sessions on medical malpractice reform, will be returning to the Capitol this month rejuvenated after a pep talk from President Bush," the Tampa Tribune reports.

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