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The Associated Press reports, "President Bush plans to appoint a top intelligence official as the executive director of his intelligence oversight council, the White House said Tuesday." LINK "Joan A. Dempsey, the deputy director of central intelligence for community management, will run the day-to-day operations of the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisery Board, an influential oversight panel of outside-the-government experts chaired by former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft."

"The Bush administration tried to build steam behind its stalled plan for reducing pollution from power plants Tuesday, but its proposal faces an uphill struggle in Congress from a competing bipartisan bill in the Senate," writes the AP's John Heilprin. LINK Meanwhile, "The Sierra Club launched a television ad Tuesday critical of the Bush administration's environmental policies, targeting some of the first issues ads of the 2004 presidential campaign in six swing states," reports the AP's Will Lester. LINK Lester writes, "The ads are airing on 26 stations in Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for nearly a week. The Sierra Club declined to release the amount of money spent on the spot, but a spokesman said they will cost in the 'hundreds of thousands of dollars.'"

The AP's Jennifer Loven reports, "First lady Laura Bush used a live Internet chat session Tuesday to preach the gospel of reading to children — and to let a couple of secrets out of the bag," including a fall trip to the United Kingdom and plans for the president's 57th birthday. LINK The AP's Scott Lindlaw reports, "The Bush administration is 'actively discussing' how to bring peace to Liberia amid international calls for the United States to lead a peacekeeping force there, the White House said Tuesday." LINK *Barrionuevo's first Note appearance!!!

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