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The Washington Post 's Dan Balz profiles DNC COO Josh "That's Mr. Eviction to You" Wachs. LINK "From my office, you look down here and just about see the White House," he says. "That guy" — and here he is referring to the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., President Bush — "needs to be evicted from there, and I'm the head of the eviction crew. That's how I describe it," Wachs told Balz.

Knicks fan Wachs, a veteran of campaigns from Clinton in '92 to races in Virginia, New Mexico, New York and South Carolina, says his mission is streamlining the DNC and maintaining its "maniacal" focus on beating President Bush next fall.

But, Balz notes, that the devil is in the details, getting those missions on track after the "demoralizing" blow of the 2002 midterms and McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulations that mean — still — that the Democrats are at a fundraising disadvantage.

Evidently taking a break from watching the movie "Breaking Away" and grabbing a bottle of what surely is not Evian from the mini-fridge in his office, Wachs said, "I now pay for my own water. [Otherwise] that's 75 cents that's not going to contact voters."

The DNC veteran, along with DNC chair Terry McAuliffe helped recruit strategist Teresa Vilmain, recently finished brokering the Democratic presidential debates and promises that at the end of the primary and caucus calendar to deliver "a well-tested nominee."

Someday, pretty much anyone of any stature and influence in Democratic politics will be a Jill Alper disciple, and that day isn't as far away as you might think.

Writing under a timely "LOS ANGELES, June 28" dateline, the New York Times ' Katherine Q. "Kit" Seelye turns John Podesta into the Lorax, speaking for both the trees AND the Democratic party in the effort to make environmental issues both more personal and more politically potent. LINK

We have long touted Podesta as a strong presidential candidate (Illinois base, Iowa experience, proven ability to reach out to the center, Washington resume, in touch with real people via the X Files), but the article inexplicably doesn't explore that angle.

Instead, with a picture of Dean and Lieberman, it says that all the presidential candidates are ready to put this issue out front, cast as both a quality of life matter and a sign in the party's view of the president's ties to corporate interests.

Messrs. Al From and Bruce Reed get six paragraphs on the Wall Street Journal op-ed page to tout their central message — the Democratic party can only win the White House back if their nominee is simultaneously reaching out to the center and maintaining ties to the party base.

Somehow, the words "Lieberman" and "Edwards" didn't make it into the piece.

Al and Tipper Gore make a stern cameo in an Associated Press story about Twisted Sister's upcoming New Jersey concerts. LINK KERRY

"Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry yesterday said he would repeal portions of the Bush tax cuts that he said would benefit the wealthy and criticized the president for not properly funding the AmeriCorps program," the Manchester Union Leader reports. LINK

"Kerry also insisted the administration must 'internationalize' the war against Iraq as quickly as possible in order to 'defuse the sense of occupation.' Kerry appeared before a crowd of more than 150 employees and invited guests at the corporate headquarters of Fisher Scientific, a manufacturer of scientific equipment."

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