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The Seattle Post Intelligencer's Connelly spoke with Senator Kerry about the war and his critics:

"Kerry is taking shots from liberal supporters of Howard Dean, a suddenly formidable Democratic rival, for his Senate vote to authorize use of military force against Iraq." LINK "He's receiving Republican sniper fire from such GOP outposts as the popular Drudge Report Web site over what he once said as a leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War."

"'It's a mark of flattery. The White House has made clear I'm the one they worry about,' said the lanky, athletic Kerry, hunched in a minivan late Sunday afternoon."

"I'm going to ask Americans to judge me by the fights I've picked,' added Kerry, whose fights to win and hold his Massachusetts Senate seat have pitted him against the toughest foes the Bay State has to offer."

Which sounds — correct us if we're wrong — like Kerry is saying simply: Bring it on.

And there's this:

"'He is impatient with Democratic oratory about the 'stolen' election. 'Stop crying in your teacups,' he told one audience. 'It isn't going to change. Get over it.'"

The Washington Times recycles a story that first appeared in The Washington Post regarding Teresa Heinz Kerry's ties to Enron's Ken Lay. LINK The Boston Globe 's Names column reports that the 7-month-old Nantucket Times, published by "longtime Kerry friend and fellow Nantucket summer resident" Bruce A. Percelay, has an upcoming (Friday) cover story with John Kerry (written by the NT's editor William Ferrall, accompanied by a "flattering" photo), who "gave a wide-ranging interview with the Nantucket Times on issues global (weapons of mass destruction) and local (the proposed wind farm on Nantucket Sound)." LINK Names claims that "Cover Guy Senator John Kerry never really blended in with the other summer residents of Nantucket. And once he announced he was running for president, Kerry and wife Teresa Heinz Kerry were even more conspicuous."

They also exclaim over the idea that conservative Republican/Percelay business partner Tom duPont wrote the author's Note, and quote Ferrall: "'As a magazine, we are politically neutral. Our only bias is toward Nantucketers.'"

The Boston Herald's Steve Marantz leaps on Kerry's apparent evasion of a question at a Rollinsford, New Hampshire event about Teresa Heinz Kerry as one of his potential political weaknesses (the headline: "Ah, I forgot: Kerry comes up silent to query about his wife"). LINK Marantz says Kerry failed to address the THK aspect of a question about his toughness and "'perceived weaknesses,'" (also included in the weakness category, his "innate 'decency' and 'lack of sense of humor and common touch'"); the Senator responded by citing his hard-won 1996 campaign and joking "'With respect to my sense of humor, I'm going to release a video, Spring Break: Kerry Goes Wild.'"

Kerry, a few hours later, told Marantz he "'just slipped on'" the spouse segment, clarified "'My wife has been fantastic — people are loving her … At all my events people want to meet Teresa. They respect her and like the fact she has opinions. She's a great campaign asset,'" and faulted "'newspaper stories' portraying her as a 'loose cannon.'"

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