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Marantz got in a Dean fundraising question too, and received an "unconcerned" response from the Senator: "'We're right on target and we're raising what we set out to … I have more money in the bank than any of the other candidates and more than anybody in the history of Democratic presidential candidates (at this point of the campaign).'"

A consultant connected with the Kerry campaign was charged with contempt Tuesday after skipping jury duty without notifying the court. LINK Anu Rangappa was chosen as a juror on June 10, but missed opening arguments the next day, when she flew to Iowa for a Kerry campaign stop in Cedar Rapids.

Judge Erik P. Christian jailed her briefly before releasing her pending yesterday's hearing. D.C. courts have been cracking down on no-show jurors. Rangappa agreed to pay a $1,000 fine, perform 120 hours of community service and write a 25-page paper on the importance of jury service.


Welcome, Tait Sye, to New Hampshire.

Sye will be Edwards's new deputy press secretary in the state.

A whip-smart early riser, he's a veteran of the Gore 2000 New Hampshire effort, the Florida Democratic Party, and elsewhere.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports that Edwards is expected to finish in the top two among Democratic fundraising totals, raking in $5 million in the second quarter to bring his total so far to more than $12 million. His sum is expected to land in the same neighborhood as John Kerry's. LINK Our section yesterday contributed by a Democrat who had seen what he could see by giving online contributions to all the Democratic candidates has created a small contretemps (as well as, we should say, much favorable commentary, including from the spouse of the writer!).

Our contributor claimed the Edwards campaign was the only one not to send an e-mail acknowledgement of the contribution.

The Edwards campaign couldn't rightly say why it was that this giver didn't get such an e-mail, but spokeslady Jennifer Palmieri assures us (and you) that such a missive is their policy (and cleverly gets her links on our real estate):

"Bobbie and Wallace Edwards didn't raise their eldest son to be an ingrate. Of course he thanks the generous folks that donate to his website. Here is a free sample of the thank you note that goes out to each and every person who donates online:"

"Thank you for your generous contribution to Edwards for President. We're glad that you took the time to visit the campaign's official Web site at Your help and support are appreciated. [It then gives the billing info/receipt] then says: For the latest news about John Edwards, visit the campaign's official Web site at…. Thank you for your support. Paid for by Edwards for President, Inc. Contributions are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes."

Our online contributing Democrat was made aware of the controversy and decided to investigate further, and, after making another generous gift to the Senator, wrote:

"On Tuesday my contribution to the Edwards campaign was followed promptly by a courteous thank-you, which seemed especially nice, considering all the trouble I had caused. Had I inadvertently typed in my return email incorrectly on Monday? If so, my apologies!"


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