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The Mobile Register's Bill Barrow reports that Congressman Gephardt "made a stop in Mobile this week to collect campaign cash at a $1,000-per-person luncheon at the downtown law firm of Gardner Middlebrooks Gibbons Kittrell & Olsen." LINK

"The Monday afternoon fund-raiser, drew about 15 people, according to those in attendance. It was the second fund-raising trip to Alabama this year for the veteran congressman … "

"Gephardt is expected to attend a fund-raiser today in Oklahoma City hosted by local attorney Mike Lawter," reports the Norman Transcript's Sean Murphy. LINK Congressman Gephardt will be interviewed on NHPR's "The Exchange" tomorrow morning at 9.


This Blog post by DFA's Mathew Gross makes for interesting insider-y reading. LINK

The Caledonian-Record of St. Johnsbury, Vermont has endorsed Dr. Dean. LINK

Mike Glover explains Dean's appeal to his Iowa audience. LINK

Not because we're on a quest to prove Mickey Kaus's theory that the press tears down the idols it creates, we'll print some excerpts from a column by a conservative writer who isn't keen on Dean:

"On leaving office this year, Howard Dean sealed his gubernatorial papers for 10 years — almost twice as long as his two predecessors, but considerably less than the 20-year-lock he sought — determining himself, with his lawyers, what was covered by executive privilege." LINK "Well, at least he's up-front about things — or is he? Having supported Vermont's divisive civil union law, which confers the legal rights of husbands and wives onto homosexual couples — 'in many ways,' he said, 'the most important event in my political life" — he signed the controversial legislation behind closed doors. Why?"

"And speaking of controversial issues, is the Democratic Party ready to unite behind a leader who, as a med student, performed his OB-GYN rotation at a Planned Parenthood clinic? Vermont magazine reported on this in 1998, adding: 'While he has never performed an abortion himself, he is strongly pro-choice and certainly understands the medical procedures involved.' Which must rate as the medical equivalent of not inhaling."

"Dean's loudest claim to gubernatorial fame is to have provided "free" health care to some large swath of Vermont's 600,000 citizens while simultaneously balancing the state budget. Is this for real? As of 1998, Vermont had the third highest percentage of Medicaid recipients in the Union (while next-door New Hampshire ranked 50). This indicates that Vermont's state-provided health care comes, in large part, courtesy Washington, D.C. How can Dean take credit for state-provided health care when, in fact, the lion's share is funded by federal taxpayers in other states? And how does such a scheme work on the national level?"

"As governor, Dean raided special funds to even out budget shortfalls: Is that balancing the budget? And how can Dean blame President Bush's recent tax cuts for rising property taxes when, for the past decade-plus, he governed a state with one of the highest state and local tax burdens in the nation? Corporations have left Vermont; farm revenues are down; logging and manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Maybe the only sector to thrive in the Dean years is the public sector: why? Indeed, what exactly does the Vermont economy consist of minus federal funds and pork? How well does such a record bode for the national economy?"

Another new Dean innovation: LINK

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