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Governor Dean campaigns in California today before tonight's LCV forum. Senator Graham has a fundraiser at the home of college administrator/developer Tom Safran in Los Angeles after the LCV forum.

Congressman Kucinich won't be in California, instead he'll be at Johns Hopkins University tonight with Ralph Nader for a Democracy Rising forum.

REAL political insiders have already gotten the scoop on dueling polls (the R one from POS and the D one from Greenberg/Carville), casting radically different lights on the president's re-election prospects.

Oh, to clarify for those of you who misunderstood: we don't actually have a show on ABC Family on cable.

Those of you in the second tier should have the double dose of data by the time the first round of the NBA draft is over tonight.

Yesterday's Note lead was our little way of joking about this Los Angeles Times story. LINK

We are sorry for any inconvience our attempt at humor might have caused, but thank you for sampling ABC Family!!

Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sree Roy asks: "What do Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush have in common?"

"Answer: Well, beyond the obvious first lady connection, both visited Philadelphia this week as part of whirlwind tours that focused on books." LINK "During Bush's visit yesterday, she raised almost $600,000 at a Bush/Cheney '04 luncheon in the ballroom of the Rittenhouse Hotel. The event drew 400 people, including master of ceremonies David Girard-diCarlo, chairman of the law firm Blank, Rome, Comisky & McCauley and one of President Bush's top fund-raisers; Aramark chief executive officer Joseph Neubauer; lawyers Bob Asher and Alan Novak; business executives Fred Shabel, Brian Tierney, and Mary Dougherty; and city Republican Chairman Vito Canuso."

"Like his predecessor five years before, President Bush will visit an infamous former slave port during a trip to Africa next month," the Associated Press reports. LINK Bill Safire invokes the Name of the Rove in his latest column on the FCC and media conglomeration. LINK


Remember: results released at time TBD tomorrow.

Double or triple MoveOn voting?

Very hard to do, say the MoveOn people.

(a) you have to be a valid MoveOn member to get a ballot. Someone could theoretically create several fictitious identities (names, addresses, phone numbers) and obtain extra ballots, but MoveOn would probably figure it out … and especially so if there were suddenly a glut of new members close to the election.

(b) the MoveOn folks temporarily turned off a "You Voted Twice" notification e-mail to improve their server speed, but they insist that people who submitted two ballots would only see one of them counted.

The lesson:

This is not a perfect, glitch-free (and we mean that in an innocuous way) system, which will allow the losing campaigns to claim, perhaps with a little validity, that a MoveOn victory isn't all its cracked up to be.

That said, more than 210,000 people voting for anything on any platform is significant. And the MoveOn people insist they have safeguards upon safeguards.

"As for voting with multiple email addresses by registering in advance with more than one: there are a variety of ways on the back end for us to identify when people do that. We've been amazed at ho[w] little of that has gone on. Our initial read is that astoundingly few people have tried to game the system," MoveOn's Zack Exley wrote to us.

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