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The Dean campaign says that the period after Dean's announcement was the best 24-hour web fundraising period of the campaign; rather than playing dead, Kasey the dog was seen smiling ear-to-ear.

The Associated Press surveys New Hampshire editorial reaction to Monday. LINK KERRY

The Boston Globe 's Scot Lehigh pokes a little fun at Senator Kerry via the gargantuan seven-part Globe series, which, Lehigh writes before offering some whimsical edits, "inspires a peculiar mix of admiration and reservation: admiration for Kerry's courage, intelligence, and ability, colored by reservations about his egotism, expediency, and self-absorption." LINK The New York Post 's Cindy Adams makes an attempt at a Kerry joke, using Heinz products. LINK LIEBERMAN

Yet another e-mail fundraising solicitation for Senator Lieberman:

"People say George Bush can't be beat, or that it's tough to stand out in a nine-person Democratic field. But I've faced tough fights before. I was a longshot in my first Senate campaign in 1988. No one thought I'd beat the popular incumbent. But with the support of thousands of people like you, I did it."

"Now, I'm running hard for President. And I intend to win. But I can't get there without your help, and the next 5 days are critical for my campaign. "

"After next Monday, my campaign will report on how much money we've raised so far. The national press will be looking closely at those fundraising reports."

Gallup's numbers continue to show Senator Lieberman topping the '04 Democratic presidential primary preference poll. LINK

But do the potential donors care?

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman has all the details on Senator Lieberman's mad dash for California cash from San Francisco's Il Fornaio to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. In addition to possibly leaving himself open to criticism for missing senate Medicare votes this week, Senator Lieberman is taking another risk as well, according to Lightman. LINK

"Lieberman is taking another kind of risk this week. If he digs up enough campaign cash, his campaign next week will be touted as the comeback story of 2004. If he fails, he's in for lots of media and insider gloom."

"Lieberman raised what political pros considered an unimpressive $3 million in the first quarter of 2003, behind North Carolina Senator John Edwards, Kerry and Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt — and just ahead of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean."

"Lieberman knows the stakes this time, so he has virtually no public schedule this week. Instead, he began a California whirlwind that will take him to seven fund-raisers in three days."


The Hand of the Axe: Senator John Edwards is taking the straight talk express to New Hampshire this summer with a series of a dozen town hall meetings set for July and August reports the Raleigh News & Observer's John Wagner. LINK

The AP has it too. LINK GEPHARDT

Knight Ridder's Steven Thomma writes that Representative Gephardt "is in a surprisingly strong position to compete for the Democratic nomination." LINK Thomma writes that Gephardt's prospects in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan are good, and, "For a 62-year-old longtime lawmaker from Missouri who was widely written off as a has-been just last year, Gephardt looks strikingly formidable. How did he do it? By careful organization, hard work and in no small part by reinventing himself, or at least how he presents himself."

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