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FPOTUS: "Well this is what my life is like nowadays, following Hilary."

One attendee tells us that Billy Tauzin and Mary Bono rapping was a show stopper as well.

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The Chicago Sun-Times' Courtney K. Wade reports, "Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday pointed his finger at the Bush administration, saying it is erasing accomplishments that he worked hard to achieve." LINK Wade Notes, "Although Clinton began several sentences with the phrase, 'When I was president,' he did praise the Bush administration for continuing to fight AIDS and giving assistance to poor countries to grow their way out of poverty."

The Chicago Tribune's Glenn Jeffers and Gayle Worland write, "While Rev. Jesse Jackson and former President Bill Clinton supported the Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling Tuesday, both criticized Bush economic policies, charging that they undermine efforts to level the playing field between rich and poor." LINK

Following Jackson's speech to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference in Chicago, "Clinton's speech to a crowd of 750 Tuesday afternoon likewise condemned Bush administration policies that he said are undoing progress made during his presidency and that are delaying progress toward affirmative action goals."

"In his folksy style, the former president departed often from his prepared remarks and referred to his host as 'Brother Jackson.' His speech focused primarily on the Bush tax cut, which Clinton said would yield him--as a member of a high-income bracket--an extra $80,000 a year."

The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy have some assorted tidbits about Bill Clinton (and family). LINK

National security politics:

The New York Times breaks a story about a State Department intelligence analyst who said he has felt pressure to "tailor" his analysis, although exactly how and on what is unclear. LINK

Hans Nichols of the Hill reports that House Democrats are contemplating how hard to come down on Bush for the WsMD situation. LINK

The AP's Alan Fram reports, "Republicans are congratulating themselves for whisking the first bill financing the new Homeland Security Department through the House, winning unanimous Democratic support." LINK "Despite their votes, Democrats said the $29.4 billion measure came up short."

Judicial confirmation battles:

With the public not paying much attention on either side (Sorry, Nan; sorry, Boyden … .), Senate Republicans move closer to getting their filibuster-buster bill to the floor, and continue to talk up the nuclear option, which Senate Democrats seem to think is both unthinkable and, well, nuclear. LINK and LINK David Broder columnizes on how to head off a SCOTUS opening fight — and it's David's normal solution of a little bipartisanship. LINK A coalition of conservative groups will ratchet up the pressure on the Bush administration to appoint solidly pro-life nominees to the nation's appellate and Supreme Courts. They call themselves Project Rosebud, and they'll unveil their political and lobbying plans at the National Press Club today.

Keying off of a gathering that took place at the Heritage Foundation on Monday night, The Washington Times trio of Stephen Dinan, Ralph Z. Hallow and Charles Hurt report that the affirmative-action rulings have made conservatives "all the more convinced that President Bush must be careful in picking a Supreme Court nominee." LINK


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