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"The great imponderable is what will be the next issue to boost a candidate's public standing with Democrats much as opposition to the Iraqi war did for Dean. Take, for example, the possibility that a Supreme Court justice will announce his or her retirement when the current session concludes on Thursday. Such a high court opening would virtually guarantee a blistering confirmation battle in the Senate this fall. And taking center stage would be Edwards, an adroit courtroom questioner who is the only Democratic presidential candidate on the Senate Judiciary Committee."

"This, of course, is only one scenario. But presidential nominations can pivot on such accidents of timing."

Hidden on Page B5B of the Wall Street Journal (We can't find it on the web.) is a story by Lauren Bayne Anderson about African-Americans pushing to get more representation on the the campaign staffs of the Democratic presidential candidates.

Those quoted include Donna Brazile, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Rich Galen, Ron Walters, Maurice Daniel, and Jenny Backus, and a stranger political story you won't find in the papers today.

The New York Times ' Carl Hulse breaks no new ground in his overview of those members of Congress who happen to be running for president and happen to be missing a lot of votes. LINK

The hard-copy photos are of Senator Graham (holding his mouth in a perfect oval) and Senator Kerry (letting the world know how big the last fish he caught was).

"New York's GOP presidential primary will become a winner-take-all contest under legislation proposed by Republican Gov. George Pataki and approved by the Legislature," writes the AP's Marc Humbert. LINK Humbert also reports, "While Assembly Democrats were bowing on Friday to GOP wishes, Pataki and the Senate's Republican majority refused a Democratic request to move the state's March 2 presidential primary up by a week to increase the state's clout in choosing a Democratic candidate."

Handsome Democratic National Committee chair Andy Tobias has lent his name to an e-mail fundraising solicitation. "[I]f you respond before our June 30 Federal Election Commission filing deadline, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar doubling the impact of your personal commitment to break the right-wing Republican lock on power," his e-mail says.


The new Iowa Dean ad, which began to air yesterday, will replace the previous version.

No word on when, or whether, the third ad in the series will be broadcast.

The buy runs out July 2.

"I'm Howard Dean."

"I'm running for President because the only way to beat George Bush is to stand up to him."

"I opposed the war with Iraq when too many other Democrats supported it because I want a foreign policy consistent with American values."

"I want to repeal the Bush tax cut so we can make healthcare available for every American."

"As Governor, I made sure that every child in my state had health insurance."

"We added jobs, we raised the minimum wage, and we balanced budgets. "

"I'm Howard Dean and I approve this message because it's time to take our country back."

Correction: Yesterday, we reported that Howard Dean wrongly referred to "" as "" in his announcement speech. In fact, Dean said "," which is correct.

The Note regrets the error more than you know.

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