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We liked the blind quote Tim read on Meet the Press even better.

And how about those shots of Kate O'Connor in the Meet open!!!

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary:

The New York Post 's Page Six has a Just Asking which should have some staffer rushing over with a wallet, if true: "WHICH Democratic presidential hopeful played a dangerous game of dining and dashing at one of the city's powerhouse restaurants? The owners have given the candidate plenty of time to pay his bill. Now they're getting annoyed . . ." Ed Walsh of the Washington Post went to St. Paul and found Democratic state party chairs wanting one thing: a winner. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny encountered state chairs who want aggressive attacks on the president, including on credibility and foreign policy. LINK

In Saturday's Boston Globe , Walter Mondale told Glen Johnson how Democrats can win back the White House. LINK

When the fellas at RNC research stop laughing, they will file this one away for later use.

John Kerry up and announced he will filibuster. LINK

If there is a nominee with either a clear anti-Roe position, or an ambiguous one (and no one thinks the president will nominate someone outside those two categories), this means there WILL be a movement to filibuster, and that means that pro-choice senators (or, at least, pro-choice Democrats) will be under pressure to join it.

We still don't quite get the positions of the other Senators, but we are sure someday we will.

David Broder's Sunday column looked at the various pressures the candidates face with their second-quarter money numbers, although he does no bar setting. LINK

Al From criticizes Gephardt and Dean; Terry McAuliffe criticizes From; the DLC looks for its place in the Post -Clinton world; and Ron Brownstein was able to chronicle it all in Saturday's Los Angeles Times. LINK

The New Hampshire Sunday News editorialized yesterday regarding the shame the paper feels Senators Kerry and Graham should feel over attacking the president over Iraq. LINK

The Greens plan their national convention in Milwaukee in '04. LINK

The Sunday Boston Globe looked at how the Big Dig has become the Big Dug, with a drop-off in construction jobs. LINK

The Daily News' Joel Siegel reports on New York Assembly Speaker and Lieberman backer Sheldon Silver's attempts to move up the Empire State primary from the crowded March 2nd Super Tuesday to a more prominent February 24th. LINK


Did anyone else see Governor Dean and Senator Kerry holding hands during the prayer session after last night's forum?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Deirdre Shesgreen writes, "The candidates all took sharp aim at President George W. Bush's policies on a wide swath of race-related issues and voiced strong support for affirmative action, increased funding for health care and education, and other issues." LINK

Jesse Jackson Sr. told Ms. Pickler of the AP that the party needs its own Southern Strategy. LINK

Ed Walsh's Washington Post write-up suggested a hearty, newsless, winner-less event. LINK

USA Today 's Susan Page says the "exchanges on stage underscored a divide among Democrats over what message will work best against a formidable Republican president." LINK

The New York Times ' Monica Davey had much the same take: "For this day, at least, these competitors seemed to disagree on little." LINK

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