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It's David Lightman's turn to do the "Senator Lieberman doesn't work on the Sabbath" story. LINK

"The senator's campaign organization says religion is not an issue. Lieberman pollster Mark Penn surveyed two groups of 400 people and went through the Lieberman biography with each. He mentioned the senator's religion to one group and not to the other. 'It made absolutely no difference,' said Penn, in their view of the senator."

"Campaign Director Craig Smith dismissed the question of Saturday absences."

"'This is just the way it is, and you make it work,' he said. 'If anything, you end up looking refreshed on Sunday.'"

Good Answer, John.

The Hartford Courant's Liz Halloran attended the SILVERDOCS festival and wrote this review of "Only in America." LINK


Washington Post . Saturday. David Von Drehle. Bob Graham. Harsh anti-Bush attacks. LINK

Harsh nut graphy conclusion: "'He's really got a bead on this thing,' said one senior Washington Democrat of Graham's anti-Bush barrage. 'He's absolutely got the right message.' But then he added the frequently expressed view in the capital that, because of his age, personality and recent health problems, Graham 'is just the wrong messenger.'"


John Edwards enjoyed a Friday in Iowa. LINK


The Washington Post 's Juliet Eilperin gave Dennis Kucinich the full Post profile treatment yesterday. LINK

It is a respectful profile, focusing on underdoggity, a leftish vision, and electability.

George Condon's father makes an awesome cameo.

In Kucinich's own words: LINK

And the photo gallery, in which photos 2, 3, and 4 are must-views. LINK


New York Post readers love Al Gore (not). LINK

Karenna Gore-Schiff is getting a new Schiff sister-in-law LINK

While the Gores have a distant relative. LINK


Check out the new look Union Leader! LINK

Garry Rayno ended his Sunday News column with these classic items: LINK

"A TIME-OUT. On Tuesday lawmakers can take a break."

"Benson and Red Sox principal owner John Henry kick off Boston Red Sox New Hampshire Fan Appreciation Day with a reception from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the State House lawn. A rally by the State House steps will follow the reception."

"COOKING CONTEST. There is also a legislative cooking contest on Tuesday. The end of session party and dessert bake-off will be held after the session in the Upham Walker House across Park Street from the State House."

"All House members can submit their baking specialties to be judged by House staff. The categories are cakes, cheesecakes, loose cookies, bar cookies and pies."

"Who said there wasn't some sugar in this session? (Although some days did have the taste of vinegar.)"


Paul Kane and Chris Cillizza write for Roll Call that a small group of former aides to Deleware Democratic Senator Joseph Biden "has begun to assemble the skeletal infrastructure of a presidential campaign team, preparing to swing into action if Biden decides to join the swelling field." LINK

The article carefully analyzes the difficulties and likely strategies of a Biden campaign which-if it ever kicks off-reportedly would not begin until this fall.

And Mark Preston reports in Roll Call that retired General Wesley Clark is making waves in Washington, with many exhorting him to run for the presidency. LINK

One lingering sticking point, though, is that he has not openly declared an affiliation to any party.

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