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Speaking of Gephardt and the SEIU, the candidate talked about his health care plan with members of SEIU Local 660 in Los Angeles.

"Longtime Democratic activist Katherine Rogers endorsed Dick Gephardt's presidential campaign,"'s James Pindell reports. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci reports, "Chrissy Gephardt — the first child of a major presidential candidate to come out of the closet — says former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean may be getting attention as the most "gay-friendly" Democratic presidential candidate, but her dad, Rep. Dick Gephardt, 'can beat George W. Bush.'" LINK

More: "Chrissy Gephardt met in San Francisco on Wednesday with Democratic supporters and gay community leaders, pushing hard to boost the presidential bid of her father, the former House majority leader from Missouri. With gay rights issues taking a decidedly higher profile role in the 2004 Democratic presidential contest, all the leading party hopefuls have stepped up efforts to woo the influential gay voting bloc."


The Oklahoman's John Greiner writes up Senator Lieberman's campaigning through the state on Wednesday where he delivered standard stump speeches and collected cash. The Lieberman campaign intends to open its Oklahoma City headquarters on July 1. LINK

"Lieberman spent part of the day in Tulsa, talking with American Airlines workers, including some who will be laid off Friday. He also attended a fund-raiser."

"In Oklahoma City, he met with Democratic state officials, attended a fund-raiser, and then went to downtown Oklahoma City to meet with more than 300 Oklahomans at the Oklahoma City Firefighters Local 157 Union Hall."

The Associated Press portrays the Liebermans laser focused on February 3rd, 2004. Mrs. Lieberman was in South Carolina yesterday while the Senator was in the Sooner State. LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Senator Hollings of the Palmetto State asks "where's the outrage and the Washington Post coverage?" on the op-ed page of that very paper in a piece on the Bush deficits. LINK

Big Casino budget politics, Medicare:

The White House's poetry-in-legislative-motion on getting the Medicare process moving and staying moving bears fruit in the Senate, per all accounts, including those of the Washington Post and New York Times . LINK and LINK Dow Jones' David Rogers calls the rejection of a Democratic attempt to alter the Medicare bill in the Senate "a strong first showing."

Big Casino budget politics, tax cuts:

Democrats inability to make headway on (let alone win) the estate tax debate is nearly comical. LINK Knight Ridder's James Kuhnhenn writes, "The House of Representatives voted Wednesday for a third massive tax cut in the past two months, this time permanent repeal of the estate tax, a move that would permit heirs to keep an extra $161 billion in inherited fortunes by 2013 while adding to federal budget deficits." LINK More Kuhnhenn: "The likelihood of repeal's failure in the Senate has prompted some tax-cut advocates to call for a compromise."

"Stephen Moore, the president of the Club for Growth, which pushes tax cuts, has called for taxing estates at 15 percent, the same as unearned income such as capital gains and stock dividends."

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