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Reporting on the House's repeal of the estate tax, the AP's Mary Dalrymple writes, ""I don't think they have the votes to repeal," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Democrats would have supply some votes if Republicans are to pass the bill in the narrowly divided Senate." LINK

Keying off numbers released by the Tax Foundation and Citizens for Tax Justice, The Washington Times ' Stephen Dinan reports: "President Bush's two major tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 have removed nearly 4 million taxpayers from the income tax rolls, so that nearly 30 percent of all income-tax filers pay nothing." LINK We're pretty sure this is NOT the spin Bob McIntyre wants.

Noam Scheiber thinks Grover Norquist is too smart for his own good. LINK

The Wall Street Journal ed board writes in praise of Tom DeLay's tough stand against the child tax credit (and gives a little slap and tickled — not in the Squeeze sense — to the POTUS).

California recall:

Cuauhtemoc Ortega takes on those driving (read: funding) the recall effort in an editorial observer in today's New York Times . LINK "Some pro-recallers argue that there's always a possibility of stumbling on a candidate possessed with the genius to save California from bankruptcy while simultaneously sparing tax hikes and public service cutbacks. It's worth the risk, they say, since there's not much more to gain by keeping Mr. Davis."

"But there is. California is already well known for the influence of money in state policy — those with the most money, not necessarily the most sense, usually win the state's endless string of proposed ballot referendums. The proposition to recall Mr. Davis has become a realistic threat only since Mr. Issa started pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own fortune into a larger-scale campaign, making the traditionally expected — but usually ignored — gubernatorial recall effort a forefront issue. Allowing money to popularize and influence recall efforts the way it has other propositions is not good policy or precedent."

There's a page-full of Los Angeles Times letters on the complicated California politician known as Representative Darrell Issa. LINK

The Clintons Of Chappaqua:

Michael Barone flexes some of his pan-right-wing tendencies in writing about "Hillary 2008!" on the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

If the rain (or a lack of an invite) kept you from going to Senator Clinton's Bethesda book party on Tuesday night, you are in luck.

Marian Burros of the New York Times and Lloyd Grove of Some Other Paper were both there, and we can tell you that they both did a fabulous job of writing up "you are there" accounts — and you don't even have to wait in the rain 15 minutes for your car to be returned by the swarming valet parkers. LINK and LINK Bonus points to Marian for leading with a Tammy Haddad quote and obsessing over the amazing house.

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