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After a few days of feelin' the Clinton love (okay, love mixed with contempt), the New York Post 's Page Six is back with rumors of 42's romantic life, this time with a Canadian billionaire; Jim Kennedy says "'Frank [the lady in question's father] and Belinda Stronach are friends and supporters of President Clinton and his foundation, and that's all.'" LINK The New York Post 's Liz Smith expands on her sleek Clinton eyeful at the Four Seasons: "I did note how good the Clintons looked and now I learn the cause is that both are working out religiously with a trainer." LINK Smith also acknowledges the D.C. party.

The New York Post 's Andrea Peyser follows up on yesterday's anticipated Clinton/Giuliani encounter at the Four Seasons of Hope event at Cipriani 42nd, where the two men shook hands, possibly to spite her, albeit in a private VIP section and not in the dining room before public eyes. LINK Clinton (according to an eyewitness): "'Isn't it funny that The Post reported it today that we wouldn't do this?'"

Giuliani (to the audience): "I want to make it clear that on the way in, I shook hands with President Clinton … Just in order to prove that any allegation to the contrary is untrue. I gave him a little hug (Long pause) … I'm only kidding.'"

The New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy were not impressed by the Peyser piece, and quote Giuliani saying as he entered the event, "'I didn't even know President Clinton was coming till I read it this morning,'" while attributing his scheduled late arrival to his attendance at a golf game with Tiger Woods and son Andrew. LINK In addition to shaking hands, the two former office-holders reportedly posed for photos and, Clinton, according to Jim Kennedy, "'has been at several events with Mayor Giuliani in recent times … and enjoyed visiting with him today.'"

The New York Times ' Joyce Purnick casts Hillary Clinton, her choices, and her baggage in a Wendy Wasserstein play. LINK SILVERDOCS:

The person responsible for spearheading the revival of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland --the site of tonight's SILVERDOCS film festival — is Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan. On the day he announced the resignation of Police Chief Charles Moose, the man The Washington Post called the "Mayor of Montgomery" took time to talk with ABC News.

Although downtown Silver Spring is only a few miles from the White House, we suspect many of you who are coming tonight have never even been there, so we offer this primer.

We started out asking Duncan about the restored Silver Theater:

Whatt will people think when they step into the theater?

"Their jaw is going to drop and they are going to go 'Wow'. You step back in time. The theatre is restored to the way it looked in 1938. You're going to see movies the way the were meant to be seen."

Is Silver Spring the poor step-sibling of Bethesda?

"It was."

What happened?

"It was the economic center of the county from post-war until the mid-1960s. But then the Congressional Plaza opened up, other shopping centers opened up, and Silver Spring went into decline for 20-30 years."

What did you and the county do to turn this around?

" … We went to AFI and said: 'we'll restore the theatre if you agree to run it. They agreed and they got it at no cost to them. Now we've got the Discovery (Communications) world headquarters across the street."

What's still to come?

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