The Note: The Owl Flies West (?)

Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) plans to attend Virginia's 13th Annual Kennedy-King Dinner (with featured guest Rep. Patrick Kennedy) in Arlington, VA at 6:00 pm ET.

Former Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore holds a 10:30 am ET press conference call on domestic violence.

At noon ET, Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro will hold a news conference in Albany, NY to announce a radio campaign ad promoting legislation "to protect innocent people from violent crimes," according to a campaign press release.

Mrs. Laura Bush delivers remarks at the Project HOPE gala at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC at 6:00 pm ET. Secretary of State Rice also attends.

Harriet Miers for Associated Justice:

The Los Angeles Times details the confusion over Miers' comments yesterday to Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) on the right to privacy. LINK

Wethinks this story probably emerged a bit too late for East Coast deadlines, but expect to hear more about this. Will Miers calling Specter to let him know that she had not taken a position on Griswold or the privacy issue allow liberals to paint her as so originalist that she is not only against abortion rights, but that she is against the right to contraception? Does this come closer to a Bork position than a Roberts one?

Bloomberg's James Rowley reports, "White House spokesman Jim Dyke, who was briefed on the meeting, said Miers was 'asked about privacy' and she cited the Constitution's liberty clause. 'She did not discuss specific cases. She hasn't with other senators. She didn't with other senators in the past,' Dyke said." LINK

The Washington Post's Babington and Goldstein have the tic tock on Miers and Griswold: LINK

"Republican lawmakers and pollsters are reporting growing grass-roots hostility to the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers," Notes Ralph Z. Hallow of the Washington Times. LINK

The Hill reports that "influential conservatives" are raising money to fight Miers nomination in a David Frum-led effort. LINK

The Washington Times highlights a National Review editorial that urges Harriet Miers to withdraw her nomination. LINK

David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times writes up the Schumer and Feinstein meetings with Miers denying anyone knows how she would vote on Roe, the White House/Specter back and forth over the timing of the delivery of the questionnaire, and predictable partisan positioning on the timing of the hearings. LINK

Kirkpatrick includes this insightful quote from Sen. Feinstein: "Asked if Ms. Miers faced bigger obstacles from Republicans or Democrats, Mrs. Feinstein said, 'I would say she has problems with both.'"

Sen. Schumer says Miers is no John Roberts, per the New York Daily News. LINK

Rick Klein of the Boston Globe covers the documents released by the White House yesterday on Harriet Miers which show her support for the Patriot Act and a stronger executive branch. LINK

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank reports that if the Texas judges trotted out yesterday were trying to reassure antsy conservatives, "they didn't accomplish much." LINK

USA Today's Mark Memmott says that both conservative and liberal interest groups are holding their fire in the television ad wars until Harriet Miers' confirmation hearings begin. LINK

Karen Hughes told Katie Couric on "Today" this morning that Harriett Miers is an "exceptional person" and "one of the finest people, I know" before confidently predicting her confirmation.

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