The Note: The Owl Flies West (?)

The McIntire/Rutenberg campaign column in the New York Times highlights a recently slimmed down Ferrer bio, Michael Bloomberg's not-so-on-message retail campaign skills, and a bewildering Jeff "banging the drum" Simmons item. LINK

The New York Times' Kocieniewski and Benson look at the shadow Bob Torricelli may be casting on Jon Corzine's gubernatorial campaign or at least the Forrester campaign is hoping he is. We're sure this will be the part that Sherry Sylvester will remind reporters about today: LINK

"'He's never been to a single meeting,' Mr. Corzine said during an interview last week. 'I don't share with him polls. I don't tell him what I'm going to do on advertising. I haven't talked to him about any of my policies, and there's nothing fundamental that he's been involved with.'"

"For his part, Mr. Torricelli said in a recent interview that he had given Mr. Corzine advice on a number of policy and campaign matters, but he declined to describe the extent of his involvement."

"Others involved in the Corzine operation, who insisted on not being identified for fear of losing their access to the campaign, said Mr. Torricelli has been more involved than Mr. Corzine indicated."

The Boston Globe's Oliphant columnizes on the Virginia gubernatorial contest through the "What's the Matter with Kansas" lens. LINK

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine is hoping to break the GOP's stranglehold on the Virginia exurbs by calling for local governments to connect land use decisions with transportation decisions, the Washington Post's Michael Shear reports. LINK


"Without your sound advice, wise counsel and generous financial support, I would not have had the honor of serving the people of Westchester County as their District Attorney," writes Republican candidate for Senate Jeanine Pirro to the woman she hopes to unseat, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in a form letter fundraising appeal sent to Sen. Clinton at an address that is more than four and a half years outdated -- 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson says his reaction was one of "bewilderment" when he first saw the letter and that Sen. Clinton has never contributed to (or supported in any way) Jeanine Pirro's previous campaigns. He added that the Senator isn't expected to do so this time around either.

Wolfson also seized the opportunity to poke fun at Pirro's less than impressive fundraising totals for the third quarter by suggesting that if this was representative of the Pirro campaign's fundraising strategy, he can understand why not much money has been raised.

The letter, which caused a modicum of chuckles up and down the New York State Thruway, slipped through the cracks of the Pirro campaign and was sent to Hillary Clinton asking for her contribution to go up "against Hillary's entrenched political machine."

The Pirro campaign explains to The Note that it has been able to pinpoint August 10, 2005 as the date that someone registered Sen. Clinton's name and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address on the campaign's website as a potential supporter.

Neither campaign saw any significance in the fact that the letter is dated August 19, 2005 -- Bill Clinton's 59th birthday.

The AP's Marc Humbert was first with the story. LINK

The New York Times: LINK

The New York Daily News: LINK

Some contributions to Jeanine Pirro's Senate campaign come from "shady" sources, says the New York Post. link

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