The Note: The Raptor and the Three-legged Rabbits

Roll Call's Mary Ann Akers reports that Kerry "stole the show" at the "uber-hip" Tabaq Bistro on Thursday, at a benefit for the Whitman-Walker Clinic. "Kerry made a surprise appearance to support his staffers Heather Zichal and Heather Higginbottom, both of whom are training for the upcoming AIDS marathon and helping to raise money for Whitman-Walker."

"The Senator hung out with the crowd and even played a few songs on a guitar he borrowed from the band hired to play for the event. He played Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' and a few Beatles riffs, our source says."

Over the weekend, the Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont relayed Tom Vilsack's theory that playing hard-to-get with the insurgents is/should be America's Iraq solution. The Iowa Governor promotes establishing secure zones and defending Iraqis from behind these enclosed areas, instead of actively seeking out insurgent forces. Vilsack's Mr.-Bush-build-up-this-wall idea was combatted by the White House with: the-military-should-make-that-call. LINK

Beaumont also wrote that Gov. Vilsack has been going the distance recently as leader of the Democratic Leadership Council -- maintaining a country-wide schedule reminiscent of former Governor/DLC Chairman/President Bill Clinton's 1992 travels. LINK

The Des Moines Register's political columnist David Yepsen believes that healthy budgetary balancing/pork-trimming habits begin at home and asserts that it would behoove Gov. Vilsack to take a look at Iowa's expenses before he goes wild with consolidation proposals for the federal government. LINK

Gov. Bill Richardson is back from North Korea and says he was treated very well while abroad, he pointed his diplomatic success to his "quid pro quo " attitude. LINK

South Carolina:

Lee Bandy of the State writes on Sunday that poll numbers of South Carolina GOP members are shifting when it comes to President Bush's approval rating, abortion, and GOP leadership. LINK


"Mr. Bloomberg has not been nearly as exciting, or entertaining, as Edward I. Koch or Rudolph W. Giuliani. But he has been better at running the city. If he continues his record of accomplishment over the next four years, he may be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in New York history," wrote the New York Times editorial board in its Sunday endorsement for Michael Bloomberg's reelection. LINK

The New York Times' Diane Cardwell, who clearly has a lot of time on her hands, went (successfully) searching for Fernando Ferrer's middle name. LINK

Michael Bloomberg ignited some Ground Zero controversy when he told the New York Daily News editorial board that it may be in the city's best interest if developer (and leaseholder) Larry Silverstein was not involved in the rebuilding in lower Manhattan. LINK

The New York Times on the unlikely tax-cutter, Fernando Ferrer. LINK

Sen. Clinton will make a last-minute push for Ferrer in the New York mayoral race, with an appearance at luncheon for a get-out-the-vote rally the Sunday before Election Day. LINK

Mayor Bloomberg's reelection campaign received a fine of $110,100 for illegally posting posters on city poles. LINK

Three "current officeholders who recently campaigned with Ferrer" tell the New York Daily News that the Ferrer campaign is "uninspiring" and needs a major shakeup in his campaign to have any shot on Nov. 8. LINK

Ferrer announced plans yesterday for a tax plan that would reward homeowners up to $1000 a year. LINK

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