The Note: Lawyers Involved in the Case

Bernanke received mostly positive reviews yesterday from key players in the Senate, reports the Los Angeles Times. LINK

The Washington Post's Neil Henderson on the nomination. LINK

In the Washington Post's analysis of the nomination, Jonathan Weisman writes that Bush "turned to a candidate for the job with unassailable credentials and enough distance from the White House to blunt charges of cronyism or ideological motivations." LINK

George F. Will writes that his pal Alan Greenspan so transformed the landscape that the public no longer remembers the dangers Greenspan banished and cannot properly value the banisher. LINK

E.J. Dionne wants Bernanke to learn not only from Greenspan's successes but also from his failures. LINK

Greg Ip reports for the Wall Street Journal's front page that Bernanke is expected to focus on inflation, not on "asset bubbles."

In his front-page story for the Wall Street Journal, Jon Hilsenrath reports that Bernanke may favor an explicit embrace of an "inflation target."

In contrast to the Miers pick, the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper sees the Bernanke pick as one that "didn't take any chances."

The Journal Notes that stocks made their "biggest gain in months" on word of the Bernanke selection.

Fred Barnes tick tock of the pick is a semi-must-read selection, and the closing graph is a must-read in and of itself.

The New York Times on news of day: LINK

The New York Times profile: LINK


The Houston Chronicle reports that a retired judge will take up DeLay's case on November 1st and decide whether state District Judge Bob Perkins political donations make him bias in this case. LINK

Roll call reports that DeLay purchased a paper shredder two weekends ago at the Needville Harvest Festival in Fort Bend County in his home state.

Frist and HCA:

The New York Times' Stolberg examines the link between Sen. Bill Frist's past and present political fortunes and his ties to HCA. LINK

"When a little-known transplant surgeon named Bill Frist decided to enter politics in 1994, he relied on his family's fortune and name to catapult him to the Senate. From the moment he arrived in Washington, Mr. Frist, now the Republican leader, has made health care his signature issue. But as the senator lays the groundwork for a possible presidential bid in 2008, he is finding that that his family ties may be as much a hindrance as a help."

(The story seems to lean more heavily in the unlucky/politically tone deaf direction than the illegal insider trading direction.)

The politics of national security:

According to the New York Times, the White House has pushed for the CIA to be exempted from a proposed ban on abusive treatment of detainees. Sen. John McCain, the lead supporter of the ban, has rejected the proposal. LINK

The Washington Post has it too: LINK

The politics of Iraq:

Following up on his scathing speech last week, Lawrence Wilkerson uses the Los Angeles Times' op-ed page to blast the "secretive, little-known cabal" that has controlled national security decisions at the White House, while defending his former boss at the State Department. LINK

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