The Note: Membership Has Its Privileges, Part III

Senate Democrats will seek to derail Alito's nomination by portraying him as a divisive jurist who would roll back a range of individual liberties, not just abortion rights, Bloomberg's James Rowley reports. LINK

Alito: investigative:

Alito joined the ROTC while at Princeton, the Washington Post and others report. LINK

Alito: legal analysis:

The New York Times takes a close look at Judge Alito's dissenting opinions from his years on the Third Circuit. The Times' conclusion: Mostly, Alito's dissents defer to the judgment of the government, corporations, juries, and lawmakers, rather than private individuals. LINK

Senate: War on the Floor:

Tuesday's showdown was just the first step in a larger effort by Democrats to reset the agenda, writes Carl Hulse in the New York Times. But Republicans aren't scared -- Speaker Hastert, reports Hulse, told the House G.O.P. yesterday in a closed-door session that "as tough as things seem, it is much better to be us than them." LINK

ABC News' Linda Douglass reports, "An aide to a Republican Senator tells ABC News his boss thought Frist blew it Tuesday when reacting to the Democratic shutdown of the Senate. The aide said by rushing to the microphones and blowing his top, he 'turned a page A6 story into a front page story.'"

Douglass goes on to report hearing similar grumbling from other Republican aides. "They say that Frist's actions elevated what would have otherwise been dismissed as a stunt. And they say it opened the door for Democrats to refocus attention on the Administration's handling of pre-war intelligence."

The Wall Street Journal's ed board labels the opposition party the "Clare Luce Democrats" and opines that if Bush "lied us into war," so did the Democrats.

"The scandal here isn't what happened before the war. The scandal is that the same Democrats who saw the same intelligence that Mr. Bush saw, who drew the same conclusions, and who voted to go to war are now using the difficulties we've encountered in that conflict as an excuse to rewrite history. Are Republicans really going to let them get away with it?"

The Washington Post's Charles Babington has a "still smoldering" Bill Frist saying that Tuesday's closed session was not necessary while DSCC honcho Chuck Schumer says: "My phones have been ringing off the hook. It has played far better than we had thought." LINK

The Washington Post's ed board chides Democrats for grandstanding about a war debate that took place three years ago while taking no dramatic stand against the CIA's abuses of foreign prisoners. LINK

Alexander Bolton reports in The Hill that Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) said yesterday that the Senate Intelligence Committee will complete the second phase of its investigation into the use of prewar intelligence by Nov. 14 and, if necessary, will subpoena documents and interview senior officials from the Bush Administration. LINK

In his New York Times column, David Brooks scoffs at the "global conspiracy" theories that led Sen. Reid to call for Tuesday's closed session of the Senate and utilizes that RNC-circulated list of Democratic quotes from years past on Saddam Hussein's believed WMD capabilities. LINK

The Los Angeles Times covers the continued squabbling in Congress, offering no less than a bullet-pointed roundup of yesterday's Democratic attacks on the GOP. LINK

Bush agenda:

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