The Note: The State of Our Union Is . . . Confused

"In 2004, 71 percent of the state's registered voters cast ballots for president, far more than the 46 percent who voted in the 2001 governor's race. Kilgore and Kaine have spent millions to find them -- and then pester and cajole them into showing up to vote."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch on one Kaine ally doing his best to tie Kilgore to President Bush. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

The New York Times' John Broder has a humble Schwarzenegger with "dimming" re-election prospects being faced by "bald impertinence" such as the health car worker that told the Governor last week that characterizing Proposition 75 as being about "paycheck protection" was fraudulent "Rovian spin." LINK

California is experiencing a flurry of last-minute campaigning as supporters and opponents of the statewide propositions make one last serious push before Election Day. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle on Warren Beatty hitting the streets to campaign against Schwarzenegger's agenda. LINK

Supporters of Prop 73, a California ballot measure that would require doctors to notify parents of minors seeking an abortion, may seem quiet, says the Los Angeles Times, but their support is quite loud and visible in the Golden State's churches. LINK

If voters pass any of the Schwarzenegger ballot issues tomorrow, it will be in spite of – not because of – the Governor's efforts, writes George Skelton in the Los Angeles Times. LINK

2005: New York City:

Nothing like election eve poll numbers to get you through your day. Quinnipiac University is out with a New York City mayoral election poll showing incumbent Michael Bloomberg trouncing Democrat Fernando Ferrer by 38 points (68 percent vs. 30 percent).

The New York Times's Rutenberg and Caldwell on Bloomberg and Ferrer at the finish line. LINK

Sen. Hillary Clinton joined Ferrer on the campaign trail yesterday. LINK

The final tally is nearly in, and the New York Daily News says Mayor Mike Bloomberg may end up spending about $75 million in his bid to hold off challenger Fernando Ferrer. LINK

The New York Post whips out its calculator and concludes each vote may cost Bloomberg more than $100. LINK

The New York Post hesitantly endorses Bloomberg. LINK

Despite a huge lead in the polls, Bloomberg tells the New York Daily News he's not overconfident. LINK

Fitzgerald investigation:

The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes suggests Rove should and will stay, while Time's Mike Allen suggests otherwise: LINK

and LINK

Anne Marie Squeo of the Wall Street Journal writes of the likelihood journalists will have to take the witness stand at any potential Libby trial.

". . . the battleground now is likely to be how broadly reporters can be questioned beyond their previous testimony before the grand jury. In talking to Mr. Fitzgerald, the reporters were able to narrowly tailor the topics they would discuss related to the leak of the CIA agent's name and Mr. Libby."

"But legal experts say Mr. Libby's attorneys, like any attorney trying to impugn the testimony of a witness in a criminal trial, will likely try to blunt the prosecution by challenging the reporters on their other sources, their memories of events in question and their own reputations."

President Bush has ordered White House staff to attend mandatory briefings beginning next week on ethical behavior and the handling of classified material in the wake of Libby's indictment, the Washington Post's Diamond Jim VandeHei reports. LINK

Alito for Associate Justice:

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