The Note: Credit Where Credit Is Due

The New York Daily News says new New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is "leaning" towards appointing Rep. Robert Menendez as his successor in the U.S. Senate. LINK

With Corzine poised to pick a replacement for himself in the US Senate, Roll Call's David Drucker and Erin Billings report that Menendez picked up the endorsement yesterday of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

They Note that all but one Democratic House Member from New Jersey has publicly expressed interest in filling Corzine's seat.


Per Roll Call's John Bresnahan, House Democrats plan to step up efforts to defeat Congressman Don Sherwood (R-PA) in the 2006 midterm elections, an announcement that came one day after Sherwood reached a confidential settlement with a woman who accused him of assaulting and abusing her during the course of their relationship.

Republican businessman Bill Mundell is considering a 2006 run against Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). LINK

Lee Bandy of The State writes that education is now and will be a hot button issue of 2006. LINK

Jeanine Pirro and Sen. Clinton mixed it up yesterday over the estate tax. LINK

Dean's Democrats:

We're sure, by now, you have all heard Howard Dean's assertion that he believes the Democratic Party is the party of "moral values." When Dean addresses groups around the country he cites the moral values of investing in healthcare, education, and security as winning issues for Democrats.

In his post-election press conference with Gov. Richardson yesterday, Dean spoke separately from his recitation of Democratic "moral values" about how important it was in Tim Kaine's victory that the Virginia Democrat was able to speak so comfortably about his personal commitment to his faith.

Dean went on to say that he believes Virginia is trending Democratic and that he expects it to be in the Democratic column on election night in 2008. When asked if that meant his party's nominee in 2008 must be comfortable talking to voters about his/her personal faith, Dean said that it likely does, but he wouldn't delve into which 2008 Democratic hopefuls appear to be at that comfort level.

2008: Democrats:

Carl P. Leubsdorf of the Dallas Morning News reports that, although Gov. Mark Warner did not have been elected to anything, he may come out the biggest winner of all. LINK

Add Heidi Przybyla of Bloomberg News to the pile of positive Mark Warner clips in light of Tuesday's results in Virginia. LINK

Be sure to read all the way to the end:

"Warner has been trying to expand his network of Democratic Party and national heavyweights. In May, Democratic elder statesman Vernon Jordan took Warner to the annual Bilderberg Conference, which brings together some of Europe's and North America's leading bankers, economists and government officials."

"'He did very well,' Jordan said."

"Fourteen years ago Jordan took another young southern governor to his first Bilderberg Conference. His name was Bill Clinton."

Kaine's election in Virginia helps outgoing Gov. Warner and, thus, is bad news for Sen. Clinton's 2008 ambitions, says Deb Orin of the New York Post. Orin also claims that Clinton offered her help to the Kaine campaign, which turned her down and instead asked for her husband's help. LINK

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner's upcoming Granite State trip is picked up by the Union Leader. Warner will co-host a discussion on high school dropouts with New Hampshire Gov. Lynch in Nashua and have lunch with state Senate Democrats in Manchester. LINK

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