The Note 2006 Archives

   July 7, 2006 — It's the Stupid Economy: Dan Bartlett Sinks His Teeth

   July 6, 2006 — Naughty And Nice: Seeing When Sleeping

   July 5, 2006 — Provocative Behavior: A Game of Brinksmanship

   June 29, 2006 — Late Out There Early: Deja Vu All Over Again

   June 28, 2006 — The Districts of the United States of America: The Rules of the Game Determine the Outcome

   June 27, 2006 — Getting the Worm:

   June 26, 2006 — Stars of All Stripes: What Outrages the Gang of 500

   June 23, 2006 — Condemned to Repeat: A Land Bright and Clear, and the Time's Comin' Near

   June 22, 2006 — Strategy of Necessity: Madman Boogabooga

   June 21, 2006 — Between a Resolution. . .: . . . And a Hard Place

   June 20, 2006 — (Not) Cutting the Deck: And (Not) Running the Table

   June 19, 2006 — Monday Meter: Wo-o-o Feelings

   June 16, 2006 — Gone Fishing? Just Kidding

   June 15, 2006 — The Choice Is Clear: Framing Is Destiny

   June 14, 2006 — The Frogless March: Bush Naps, Answers, Squashes

   June 13, 2006 — Architectural Digest: Eggies All Around

   June 12, 2006 — Catoctin Cacophony: Clearing the Mountain Air

   June 9, 2006 — The Bounce of the Live Cat: Josh Bolten's Digital Camera Shoots a Day at a Time

   June 8, 2006 — June Surprise: Strength in an Uncertain (Political) World

   June 7, 2006 — Signs of Relief: Tom Reynolds Exhales

   June 6, 2006 — 7/8th Full: The Bubble Gets Laminated

   June 5, 2006 — Kissing Ben Nelson: And Yet Al Franken Wrote "When a Man Loves a Woman"

   June 2, 2006 — The Sport of King(s): Shoes, and Ships, and Sealing Wax

   June 1, 2006 — In the Fullness of Time: Overtaken By the Unknown Unknowns

   May 31, 2006 — The Fournier Way: Somewhere, Joan Duffy Is Smiling

   May 30, 2006 — Not a Snip, Not a Bite: Not a Pin, Not a Crumb

   May 25, 2006 — A Body in Motion: Burning Down (or Saving) the House

   May 24, 2006 — Up to Our Necks In Owls: Unless We Can Talk Them Down From The Trees

   May 23, 2006 — Milestones, Watersheds, and Turning Points: Born Again Yesterday

   May 22, 2006 — The State of the Bush Presidency: The Curtain Rings up for the Last Act

   May 19, 2006 — RealClearPolitics: Not Very Many Selling Days Until Voting

   May 18, 2006 — Compassionate Rebel/Conservative-in-Chief: Run for the Border, Part III

   May 17, 2006 — Pick Your Poisoned Apple: Never Write Anything Down

   May 16, 2006 — Splitting the Baby Pinata: Getting Back the Mojo by Getting Back the Mojo

   May 15, 2006 — Home, to a New and a Shiny Place: Make Our Bed, and We'll Say Our Grace

   May 12, 2006 — (Mis)Placing the Outrage: The Latest Polling on Japanese-American Internment

   May 11, 2006 — No Surprises: Are You Taken Aback by How Slow Things Still Seem?

   May 10, 2006 — Stubborn Facts on the Ground: Tough to Change, Tough to Accept

   May 9, 2006 — Informed But Not Consulted: Bolten Plays the Card Card

   May 8, 2006 — Long Ball Lay-up: Cheerleaders and Military Men (HEART) Sports Metaphors

   May 5, 2006 — Sick and Tired: Demolition Derby

   May 4, 2006 — Bolten and Snow: And Two Days of Rain

   May 3, 2006 — See the World Spinning 'Round: Stupid and Insulting

   May 2, 2006 — Ohio Players: That Funny Feeling in the Tummy

   May 1, 2006 — Immigrant Nation: Waving the Flag and Catching the Early Train

   April 28, 2006 — Timing is Everything, Part IV: President of Comedy Milks the Horse

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