Focused and Pensive, Not Peevish or Irritated

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Hopey reports that while the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs' meeting last week was dominated by pro-Bush talk, but an unusual criticism: "Critics say that voting block has been eroded over the last four years by Bush administration environmental policies that have allowed timbering to muddy pristine trout streams, pushed oil and gas drilling on public lands and removed Clean Water Act protections from waterfowl supporting wetlands." LINK

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel looks at the power of the Native-American vote in critical battlegrounds such as Wisconsin. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Today is the last day to register to vote in the state of Colorado and GOTV groups will make use of every second before the 5:00 pm deadline, reports the Rocky Mountain News. LINK

The Denver Post Notes Kerry the populist in Ohio. LINK

The Denver Post zooms in on a Newsweek poll that shows the debates "erased" Bush's lead over Kerry. LINK

The Wall Street Journal takes an interesting look at the battle over charter schools, which isn't playing a big role in national politics but is in the states as a ballot measure. The issue is on the ballot in 15 states, but nowhere hotter than in Washington state, where the teachers union is making it a real battle. LINK

The Detroit Free Press has some of the details on the President's 10th trip to Michigan this year. LINK


The AP reports Ralph Nader plans to continue campaigning in battleground states through the final stretch of the presidential election. LINK

Nader campaigns in Maine and New Hampshire this week. He speaks today at Harvard University. LINK

A Southern California peace activist with the credentials of having once fasted for 63 days to protest violence in movies and popular culture has set his sites on Ralph Nader, reports the AP. Hunger Artist Jerry Rubin says he won't eat until Nader is out of the race. LINK

New York Times By A.O.Scott Notes "one surreal detail" in "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry," the new documentary directed by George Butler: "a 1971 memo to President Richard M. Nixon from Charles Colson, a future Watergate convict, worrying that Mr. Kerry might become 'the next Ralph Nader.'" LINK

The economy:

USA Today 's Dennis Cauchon and John Waggoner report, "The long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion in government debts and liabilities that start to come due in four years when baby boomers begin to retire." LINK

The economy is picking up with stronger showings in car sales and home construction, but oil prices around $50 a barrel remain a risk, write the Wall Street Journal 's Greg Ip, Neil King, and Lee Hawkins.


Jeffrey Birnbaum on the National Association of Realtors' own version of "showing the flag." LINK

The Washington Post 's Peter Slevin looks at "My man Mitch," a.k.a. former White House Budget Director Mitch Daniels, and his race against Indiana Gov. Joe Kernan. LINK

"Regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats win control of the Senate in November, the chamber will face significant changes in some of its most influential leadership and policy posts over the next two years," reports the Washington Post 's Helen Dewar. LINK

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