Focused and Pensive, Not Peevish or Irritated

The Chicago Sun-Times Darel Jevens writes up SNL's debate skit. "Comedian Will Forte, who became the NBC show's Bush impersonator only last spring, played the commander-in-chief as weary, whiny and at wit's end — a shift from the dimwitted but cocky Bush that Will Ferrell depicted in the 2000 race." LINK

Saturday, the New York Times ' Bumiller and Halbfinger Noted that "in a sign that the Bush campaign suddenly found itself on the defensive, the president's chief political adviser, Karl Rove, who is normally elusive to the press, sought out reporters to push the campaign's argument that Mr. Kerry was a walking contradiction on Thursday night and that Mr. Bush was focused and pensive during the encounter, not peevish." LINK

Two new polls show Bush has the edge with Catholic voters, the Washington Times reports. LINK

The politics of Iraq:

The New York Times opus that dominated the Sunday shows: LINK

The Times ' Jeff Gerth wraps Condoleezza Rice's defense of the Iraq war on the Sunday shows despite intelligence analysts' contested belief that Iraq was not rebuilding its nuclear program, as revealed in Sunday's paper. LINK

The Washington Post 's Glenn Kessler wraps Rice's defense of the Iraq war on the Sunday shows. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Big Four battlegrounds: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin:

The Washington Post 's John Harris takes Note in his must read of the bragging from sides of the GOTV effort in Ohio and writes that "this year's field operations are devoted to overturning the assumptions of pollsters — about who will vote, and how many — to the advantage of either Bush or Kerry in ways that could produce an Election Day surprise." LINK

More troubling ACORN registrations in Florida. LINK

The I-4 corridor: lots of votes, not a lot of campaign contributions. LINK

Cuban-Americans in Florida who are rethinking their Republican voting habit. LINK

Democrats are on the stump for Jewish hopes in South Florida: LINK

George Will examined the "GOP fault lines" in Ohio this weekend. LINK

"In Cuyahoga County, 58,000 voters requested absentee ballots as of Sept. 27, and election officials expect a total of almost 110,000 requests before Nov. 2. That's an increase of 45 percent from four years ago," reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. (And Note the robo calls by President Bush urging absentee voting in the Buckeye State!!!) LINK

On the last Sunday before the registration deadline in Ohio, some churches got to work, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LINK

But we all know that the Ohio news with the greatest impact this weekend actually occurred in Evanston, IL. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Brian Mooney reports in Pennsylvania "fresh polls have indicated that Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democratic challenger, is thumping President Bush in the suburbs but is in a statistical tie statewide." LINK

Today marks the last day of voter registration in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports "The number of Philadelphia's registered voters increased by 49,080 in the last two months, from 986,316 on Aug. 3 to 1,035,396 on Sept. 27. And Lee's staff will be counting registrations until midnight tonight." LINK

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