The Note: A Time of Andy Card's Choosing

Novak also has House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer as being "uninterested" in cooperating with the GOP to pass lobbying reform and Rep. Marty Meehan calling the Hastert-Dreier push for closing the 527 loophole "a poison pill." The Washington Post's venerable Tom Edsall reports that a leading watchdog group is suggesting that the Ripon Society, a GOP group, has become a "travel agency to lobbyists." LINK

The Washington Times on Rep. Mark Green's (R-WI) push to require that all lobbying-related information be made public. LINK

Matt Stearns of Knight Ridder Newspapers points out some of the flaws that both parties' anti-corruption bills have. LINK

Politics of voting rights:

The Washington Post's Dan Eggen reports that "many current and former lawyers" from the Justice Department's voting section "charge that senior officials have exerted undue political influence in many of the sensitive voting-rights cases the unit handles." LINK

"Most of the department's major voting-related actions over the past five years have been beneficial to the GOP, they say, including two in Georgia, one in Mississippi and a Texas redistricting plan orchestrated by Rep. Tom DeLay (R) in 2003."

Politics of Iran:

Bloomberg's Janine Zacharia looks at the ways in which the Iraq war has constrained US actions in Iran. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Carla Anne Robbins reports that international penalties for Iran "might not be swift" because Iran is OPEC's second-largest producer. "It also may benefit from the 'Iraq effect.' There is widespread anxiety that any UN action -- unless carefully constrained -- could open the door for another US-led war."

In a Sunday "Washington Outlook" column about Iran's undue influence over the United States, Ron Brownstein criticized the energy bill Bush pushed through Congress last summer for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil by a grand total of: "nothing. Zip. Zero." LINK

Blunt v. Boehner v. Shadegg:

San Francisco Chronicle's Debra Saunders suggests in her op-ed piece yesterday that "if Republicans want to convince voters that they've reformed," their "glorious payback" would be to pick Rep Joel Hefley (R-CO), former chairman of the House ethics committee who stood up to DeLay in 2004. According to Saunders, Rep. Hefley received "'some encouragement' to run but he is not 'actively seeking it.'" LINK

Follow the Leader(ship race):

Congressman Blunt's Jessica Boulanger on the State of the Race:

Today, Congressman Blunt added the endorsements of Reps. Pitts, Bilirakis, Kelly, and Hayes bringing his total number of public supporters to 89.

With less than two weeks left before the ballots are counted, we fully expect our opponents' spin machines to kick into high-gear. But no matter what your vantage point, remember to not always believe what you hear.

Do you have questions about Congressman Blunt's earmark and grant reform principles?

Looking for a tally of how many Sunday shows Blunt has done in the last 3 years compared to Boehner and Shadegg? Total television hits? Press Conferences?

How about a general policy inquiry, interview request or looking for the latest vote count?

Call us at 202-226-7022.* We want to help you understand what more than 117 House Republicans already do: Roy Blunt is the right leader at the right time for the Conference.

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