The Note: A Time of Andy Card's Choosing

Speaking of Sen. Kerry, when Stephanopoulos asked him about whether the Democrats should do the Adlai Stevenson thing and nominate as its presidential candidate someone who has failed in an earlier presidential bid, Kerry said that was a decision for the future. But he was not at all shy about pointing to the GOP's success in winning with Nixon in 1968 and Reagan in 1980 even though both men had lost earlier presidential bids. He also pointed to the GOP's possible inclination to nominate McCain in 2008 despite his loss in 2000.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Shelby Steele slams Sen. Clinton's plantation remark thusly: "On an emotional level, many blacks will hear Hillary's remarks as follows: 'I say Republicans run the House like a plantation because I am speaking to Negroes – the wretched of the earth, a slave people -- who will surely know all about plantations.' Is this a tin ear or a Freudian slip, blacks will wonder?"

In the same op-ed, Steele writes that "many Republicans (including Laura Bush) . . . salivate at the thought of a Rice presidential bid" because no other potential Republican candidate could "better 'heighten the contradictions' of modern liberalism and Democratic power than Ms. Rice."

Clintonistas like to point out -- as Carville did Sunday on "Meet the Press" -- that before invoking the plantation in Harlem, the Junior Senator from New York made a plantation reference while speaking to a white anchor on CNN.

The New York Post on Sen. Clinton's leaning left votes, although check out the overall Senate voting records hidden at the end of the tale. LINK

The Indianapolis Star writes that Sen. Bayh's has been "caught in Clinton's shadow." LINK

Gov. Bill Richardson (R-NM) has had his fair share of lobbyist dope, but presses the Legislature for an anti-corruption package, reports the AP. LINK

2008: Republicans:

Mike Murphy officially left his post as Gov. Romney's political strategist in an effort to avoid potential conflict over his chummy relations to Romney and McCain, both possible GOP presidential candidates, Boston Globe's Brian Mooney reported Saturday. LINK

More Mooney: "A Republican operative with knowledge of the situation said that McCain's camp was growing increasingly irritated with Murphy's continued employment with Romney as the Massachusetts governor raised his national profile."

While appearing on "Meet the Press" with James Carville and Paul Begala, Mary Matalin (once again) plugged Sen. George Allen (R-VA) as the 2008 favorite among GOP insiders.

Pointing to Sen. McCain telling "Fox News Sunday" that "too many good Democrats over there … are as concerned about national security and work just as hard as I do," DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) issued a statement on Sunday chastising Rove for encouraging last week's RNC winter meeting to use "issues of national security as a wedge with the American people."

McCain's guest worker plan gathers strength, writes Mike Sunnucks of the Business Journal. LINK


After a Baltimore judge ruled that Maryland's 33-year-old law banning gay marriage was discriminatory and could not withstand a constitutional challenge, Democrats hoped for a quick reversal by the state's Supreme Court while Republicans savored putting a gay marriage amendment on the state's November ballot, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. LINK

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