The Note: Sprint to November

"Romney downplayed the impact his Mormon faith would have on evangelical Republican voters: 'First of all the great majority of Americans and the great majority of the people in my own party ... frankly couldn't care less what someone's religion is.'"

The Washington Post has Romney peeling away from the Bush Administrations view of healthcare. LINK

The Boston Globe reports that Romney, "left little doubt that he is actively considering a national campaign," adding that Romney believes his Mormon religion, although dividing would help him when it comes reaching the Christian evangelical vote. LINK

The Boston Herald on Romney's remarks that Sen. Clinton will get the Democratic bid in 2008. LINK

The Globe links to a transcript of Gov. Romney's remarks: LINK

Scott Helmann of the Boston Globe reports that Trent Wisecup will become a full-time strategist for Romney who is about to lose Michael Murphy, "in part because Murphy has also been a top adviser to Sen. John McCain" and "has said he would remain neutral if both seek the presidency in 2008." LINK

Deb Orin dedicates her New York Post column to Rudy Giuliani's recent speech to a Christian evangelical group in Orlando, FL. Be sure to read Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin's kicker quote. LINK

In Switzerland, McCain expressed his concern with torture and US adherence to treaties, reports the AP in the Aftenposten. LINK

The New York Post picks up the Arizona Republic's reporting that Sen. McCain and his wife have slashed the sale price of their Arizona home by $500,000 to $3.75 million. LINK


The Wall Street Journal's Harwood has House Democrats saying that the 2006 outcome "remains in doubt" in "as manyu as 50 districts." NRCC's Carl Forti says: "Maybe 30 at most." Stu Rothenberg puts the number "in play" at 42. Three-fourths of those seats are currently held by GOPers.

Harwood also reports that ImpeachPAC, a group backing Democrats committed to forcing Bush from office, raised $47,000 in its first two months.

The Los Angeles Times' Brownstein looks at a potential protest candidacy emerging for Sen. Lieberman in a Democratic primary this year. LINK

The New York Times on Ed Cox (again) deciding not to seek the GOP nomination against Sen. Hillary Clinton: LINK

Pat Healy of the New York Times demonstrates why New York political reporters are going to have so much fun covering the Democratic primary for Attorney General this year. LINK

Errol Louis of the New York Daily News gives us his thumbs-down opinion on the newly-formed Spitzer-Paterson team. LINK

Note to Spitzer: Errol's last line in the article reads: "Full disclosure: My wife is an aide to Spitzer."

The Plain Dealer on Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) running for re-election and proclaiming that "fiction will soon be separated from fact. My name will be cleared," writes Sabrina Eaton. LINK

The Enquirer and the Columbus Dispatch on the same: LINK


The New York Times' Kirkpatrick looks at Democratic efforts in Georgia and Alabama to shed the secular image often associated with their national brethren by proposing Bible classes in public schools. LINK

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