The Note: Sprint to November

In what may be the most interesting polling result of the day, the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg News poll "found that 57% of Americans favor military intervention if Iran's Islamic government pursues a program that could enable it to build nuclear arms." LINK

The New York Sun's Josh Gerstein reminds readers that President Bush seems now to have come around to John Kerry's 2004 approach to Iran. LINK


The New York Daily News reports Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) believes Sen. Hillary Clinton is the most likely Democrat to be her party's presidential nominee in 2008. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Hillary Clinton tapped into healthcare issues again during a visit at Marra's Pharmacy in Cohoes, NY, saying that "'We're a smart country. We're a rich country -- why do we want to waste billions and billions of dollars instead of providing health care to the people who need it?'," reports Elizabeth Benjamin of the Times Union. LINK

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that in addition to bringing in some campaign cash for Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Clinton will also be raising money for her reelection campaign at a private residence in the Seattle area today. LINK

The Associated Press picks up on The Oregonian report from yesterday that Oregon veterans (including John Kerry's buddy Jim Rassmann) oppose Sen. Clinton's appearance in Portland today due to her support for the Iraq war and her "plan to take Oregon donations that are needed elsewhere." LINK

John Edwards spoke about raising the minimum wage, abuse of executive power, and his opposition to the Alito nomination in a speech yesterday at Mount Union College in Ohio, reports Sandra M. Klepach of the Akron Beacon Journal. LINK

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark made a visit to Houston, TX yesterday to endorse Bob Gammage, Democratic candidate for Governor, reports Kristen Mack of the Houston Chronicle. LINK

2008: Republicans:

Gov. Romney spoke to an exceptionally well-attended Christian Science Monitor luncheon Thursday. Here is what was on display:

--David Cook, a "tier-one moderator" if there ever was one, got the ball rolling by introducing Romney as an "inspiring riches to riches story."

--Against-type policy goals: While he was not entirely clear about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would capture the money needed to pay for his program, Romney's "private, market-based" approach to getting everyone in his state health insurance sounded like the type of against-type policy proposal that works with general election audiences (think Bush and education in 2000).

--Romney's rhetorical approach to Washington corruption scandals: "I don't have a problem with lobbying. I have a problem with people only hearing one side."

--A self-deprecating style: Gov. Romney made light of the way his father's bid for the GOP presidential nomination ended, saying: "He led in the polls until he got brainwashed."

--David Broder solidified his position as Dean Broder when Cook informed the reporters in the room that Broder was in attendance many years ago when another Gov. Romney was eying the GOP presidential nomination.

Gov. Romney discussed yesterday where he differs from the Bush Administration, specifically on decisions in the Iraq war and the Medicare prescription drug benefit. He also touched on '08 presidential aspirations, according to the Christian Science Monitor's Cook. LINK

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