The Note: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

"More than 1,200 California public schools — despite steadily improved test scores over the last two years — face the threat of federal sanctions under the No Child Left Behind law, a Times computer analysis showed," reports the Los Angeles Times in a front page report that could perhaps creep into tonight's debate. LINK

Or perhaps a recent study conducted by an environmental group which finds the Bush Administration far more lax in suing polluters than the previous administration will find its way into the program this evening. LINK

The Los Angeles Times explores the unprecedented mobilization of union members heading to key battleground states to try to help deliver a victory for John Kerry. LINK

USA Today's Mark Memmott reports on the latest findings of the Wisconsin Advertising Project. Click here to find out which ten states matter on the airwaves. LINK and LINK


On the road with the President on Tuesday, the New York Times' Dick Stevenson sees a new line of attack for tonight's debate by President Bush on Sen. Kerry's health care plan. Key to his criticism: calling Kerry's health care plan a government-run program. LINK

In advance of the final presidential debate tomorrow that will focus on domestic issues, the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign has released two new ads critical of said plan. The ads, "Complicated Plan" and "Your Doctor," echo the campaign's message that John Kerry's health care plan will empower Washington, not doctors and is a "$1.5 trillion big government health care takeover."

Over the last week, the BC04 campaign has strongly criticized Kerry's health care plan — President Bush has said several times this month that Kerry was putting the country on the path to "Hillarycare"

A sample of the President's stump rhetoric on Kerry's health care plan, from Oct. 7 — "And you know something, when the government pays the bills, it makes the rules. His plan would put bureaucrats in charge of dictating coverage, which could ration your care and limit your choice of doctors. What I'm telling you is, he's putting us on the path to Hillarycare."

The ads will run on national cable and in local markets in battleground states — and you can view them at

The campaign released a similar ad on Kerry's health care plan on Sept. 13, "Healthcare: Practical v. Big Government," but that ad also focused on the President's agenda.

Script For "Complicated Plan"

Voice Over:

John Kerry and liberals in Congress have a health care plan for you.

A big-government take over.

1.5 trillion dollars.

Rationing. Less access. Fewer choices. Long waits.

And Washington bureaucrats, not your doctor... make final decisions on your health.

So if you need treatment... all you have to do is...

You get the picture...

John Kerry and liberals in Congress. Big government-run healthcare.

President Bush:

I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Script For "Your Doctor"

Voice Over:

John Kerry and liberals in Congress have a health care plan.

It includes the IRS, Treasury Department, and several massive new government agencies.

Your doctor?

In here somewhere...

But not in charge.

This 1.5 trillion dollar government program puts bureaucrats, not your doctor... in charge of your health care decisions.

One more reason we can't risk the liberals in Congress and John Kerry.

President Bush:

I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

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