The Note: Comes in 3s

In a lede that's so good it's sure to be ripped off on television, the Los Angeles Times' David Savage reported on Sunday that the Supreme Court is set to take up states' rights this week of both "the blue- and red-state variety." LINK

"Tiny Vermont, a true blue state, hopes to restore small-town democracy by greatly limiting the role of money in politics. If its new spending caps win before the high court, they could change how campaigns are conducted across the nation."

"Meanwhile, Texas, the biggest of the red states, is defending its right to redraw its electoral districts to give its GOP majority more seats in Congress. If its extraordinary mid-decade shift wins in the high court, other states have signaled they will do the same."

In a must-read for anyone who works at the intersection of law and politics, Jeffrey Toobin turns in a piece for the New Yorker exploring the ways in which Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) might personally benefit if the Supreme Court were to require the state of Texas to go back to the congressional district map that courts approved in 2001 before the mid-decade redistricting and how Rep. DeLay might personally lose if the map is left unchanged. He also Notes the crucial role that Justice Anthony Kennedy will play in deciding this case.

Chicago Tribune's Naftali Bendavid discusses the upcoming SCOTUS hearings on the Texas redistricting, stating that "Few are willing to predict which way the court will go." LINK

During a pen-and-pad briefing at the NRCC a few weeks ago, Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) told reporters that he was not making any contingency plans in case the Supreme Court redraws the map before the 2006 cycle.

The Schwarzenegger Era:

When asked on "Meet the Press" if he would run for re-election as a Bush Republican, Gov. Schwarzenegger said he would run as an "Arnold Republican." LINK

On the issue of port security, Gov. Schwarzenegger said he has "no problem with many port terminal operations in California being foreign-run, but he endorsed a 45-day delay for a broader security review before a state-owned firm from the United Arab Emirates assumes management of some facilities at several big Eastern ports," reports San Francisco Chronicle's Edward Epstein. LINK

He also made this curious statement: ". . . we have villainized the Arab world also so much that now Arab country -- or company taking over our ports and maybe have some influence in our security, it freaks everyone out, and rightfully so."

Schwarzenegger supporters rejected a move yesterday that pitted California Republicans against the Governor on record for his plans to increase the minimum wage, manage the state budget and sell $68 billion in bonds to improve the state's infrastructure. LINK

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger shunned an opportunity over the weekend to toss out some red meat to Republican activists in open revolt against his policies," writes Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton of the Governor's convention speech. LINK

Skelton adds, "It was a mistake."

Michael Finnegan and Robert Salladay of the Los Angeles Times write of how Gov. Schwarzenegger's allies blocked a stern rebuke from conservatives at the California Republican Party convention this past weekend. LINK

"A day after killing a move to yank the party's endorsement of Schwarzenegger, the governor's political team succeeded in quashing a resolution against the debt and minimum-wage proposals."

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