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Per Trent Seibert of the Tennessean, the Tennessee state Senate passed a resolution that, "calls for a statewide constitutional referendum in 2010 to ratify new language for the Tennessee Constitution declaring: 'Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion.'" LINK


The always attuned Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times writes up the President's remarks at the Georgia Republican Party fundraiser last night. "Mr. Bush perfunctorily recognized Ralph Reed, a former head of the Christian Coalition and a top Bush campaign adviser whose Georgia candidacy for lieutenant governor has been tarnished by ties to Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist," writes Bumiller. "President Bush dashed in and out of Atlanta on Thursday to praise Gov. Sonny Perdue, raise about $1.5 million for state Republicans, and signal his neutrality in Georgia's hot race for lieutenant governor," reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution. On Memphis television this morning, just prior to the story about the dead Dubai ports deal, was Harold Ford's commercial bashing the deal, providing a reminder to all just how easily events can overtake.

The Boston Globe reports on Ford, and the uphill battle he faces to run for Senate. LINK

USA Today Notes on the comeback candidates for 2006. LINK

CQ writes up on the latest Democratic field to be cleared. Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas Bill Halter has dropped his bid for that office and will instead run for Lt. Governor, giving Attorney General Mike Beebe a clear path to his November showdown with Asa Hutchinson. Jerremy Wallace of the Herald Tribune discusses how Rep. Katherine Harris' (R-FL) campaign finance ethical troubles attract possible challengers from within the party. LINK

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey's gubernatorial running mate Reed Hillman, formally apologized yesterday for his past decisions that may have partially discriminated against women. LINK

The Boston Herald has more: LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

Former President Clinton in the Canadian press LINK

He said his wife would do an outstanding job but pointed to recent surveys and wondered if his country was ready for a female chief executive.

"In general there's still a tilt to a male preference at executive positions, but they're willing to suspend it if they believe the woman in question is strong enough."

"And yet if women are really strong, then they're liable to drive men off the wall -- that's been my observation over time," he said to laughter.

"My view is we ought to always vote for the person who would do the best job, and to take out more than half our population from consideration on the front end is really dumb."

Veronica Rhodes of the Regina Leader Post details President Clinton's speech yesterday in Regina, Canada. ?id=cbb93d3d-4968-4f89-827c-43ede072d9cf&k=22611">LINK

2008: Democrats:

Jim Puzzanghera and Mary Anne Ostrom of the Mercury News discuss the results of a new Field poll showing that "more than two-thirds of Californians believe America is ready for a female president, but fewer than half want Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) to get the job." LINK

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