The Note: Political Grandstanding

Democratic Senators were in no rush to immediately vote on Feingold's censure resolution and blocked Republican efforts to do so, reports Carl Hulse of the New York Times. LINK

Charles Babington of the Washington Post writes up the cautious reaction by some Democrats to Feingold's resolution and Bill Frist's labeling it a "political ploy." LINK

The Washington Times' Charles Hurt and Joseph Curl writes that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hadn't read Sen. Feingold's resolution. LINK

On "Today" this morning, Sen. Biden said he thought Feingold's resolution came out of the Senator's intense frustration with the Bush Administration.

Roll Call's Erin Billings reports that as of press time, "sources were anticipating that a vote on the resolution would take place before the end of this week." She also Notes that Feingold was "the only Democrat to vote against a motion by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) to dismiss the impeachment charges against Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal. (In the actual vote, to convict Clinton of impeachable offenses, Feingold did vote with his party against conviction.)"

In her Roll Call column, Donna Brazile cheers Sen. Feingold's call for censure.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert reports that Democratic support for the resolution has been all over the spectrum, with Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) questioning the measure, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) showing interest, and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) supporting. LINK

According to Bloomberg News, Lieberman would review the censure resolution but said he would "prefer to see us solve the problem." Nicholas Johnston has more on Feingold censure: LINK

Maureen Groppe of the Indianapolis Star reports that Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) doesn't support Sen. Feingold's move. LINK

"Bayh said it's not clear whether the law requiring court approval before surveillance was broken, and he instead favors revisiting and possibly updating the law."

Under a "Meet Grandstanding Sen. Russ Feingold (D)" header, the RNC issued a misleading attack on Sen. Feingold's Iraq record yesterday.

The RNC writes: "Sen. Feingold originally thought Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction – supported President Bush" followed by "now Sen. Feingold criticizes the Bush Administration for a belief he previously held."

While Sen. Feingold did say that Iraq presents "a genuine threat, especially in the form of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and potentially nuclear weapons" in October of 2002, Sen. Feingold said in that same Senate floor speech that President Bush and members of his Administration "have not yet met the important burden to persuade Congress and the American people that we should invade Iraq at this time." LINK

Believing that the burden had not been met, Sen. Feingold proceeded to vote against the Iraq war resolution.

Washington Times' Stephanie Mansfield writes of "impeachment sentiment" that has caused four Vermont towns and the San Francisco Democratic congressional delegation to call President Bush to step down. LINK

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