The Note: Political Grandstanding

Per the New York Times, as he formally announced his candidacy against Sen. Lieberman, Ned Lamont said, "Senator, I wish you didn't need to be challenged. But you've changed and we haven't." LINK

Coverage from the Hartford Courant: LINK

The Republican candidates running to take on Sen. Clinton in November shared a stage in Glens Falls, NY last night "focused on simply introducing themselves to roughly 150 voters in the crowd," writes the New York Times' Hakim. LINK

The Hill reports that Rep. Rahm Emmanuel is asking about 100 members of the House Democratic Entourage, erh, Caucus to pony up. LINK

Elliott Spitzer and Tom Suozzi are unleashing their bold visions for the state of New York, in the form of 30-second spots. LINK

New York Daily News on the same: LINK

Per the Chicago Tribune, Illinois state Sen. Peter Roskam (R) raised $200,000 at yesterday's Cheney fundraiser. LINK

2008: Republicans:

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post's editorial page writes of the Lott-McCain romance on display this past weekend. Though Lott concedes that some sectors of the Republican Party base are still wary of McCain, "Pragmatism is a powerful force in politics," Lott says. LINK

"As a result, the once-conventional political wisdom -- that McCain would be a formidable general election candidate but can't make it past the gantlet of Republican primary voters -- is crumbling along with Bush's approval ratings. And though McCain is working hard to help the party in 2006, the paradox is that a rout in November would do wonders for McCain 2008," writes Marcus.

Left unclear by the piece: how Marcus will explain to her daughters her use of the phrase "big-money men" and her invocation of the been-there-done-that Peabody duck metaphor. Both, presumably, already the subject of some IM'ing in the Marcus household and the likely topic of her next piece.

James Pinkerton of Newsday reads way too much into the Memphis poll, but has a point when saying that Sen. McCain's problem is that while "the elites adore him, or at least respect him," the activists, "who actually pick the nominee, don't seem to like him very much." LINK

John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau argues that "the real winner" in Memphis was Sen. Clinton and that Gov. Huckabee's campaign "made gains" as well, while Sen. McCain received a cold shower: "Republicans may not have sense enough to nominate John McCain, their surest general election winner." LINK

Roll Call reports that Sen. McCain has "unveiled a proposal to limit donations to 527 organizations to $25,000 per person each year, or $50,000 each election cycle, that if enacted could be a huge blow to the groups' hopes of being a force in the 2006 elections."

The Hutchinson News states dryly: "Brownback fares poorly as '08 presidential nominee." LINK

The AP's indispensable Glen Johnson reports that Gov. Romney is undecided on proposed health pool fees. LINK

Romney said yesterday that he has "yet to decide whether he favors a legislative proposal to assess a charge on companies that do not provide health insurance to their employees, but he suggested a reason he might support it."

The Boston Globe's Scott Helman writes about Gov. Romney's latest remarks on gay adoption. LINK

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