The Note: Political Grandstanding

Per the Boston Globe, Gov. Romney said yesterday that he would "file a 'very narrow' bill aimed at letting Catholic Charities and other religious groups exclude same-sex couples from their adoption programs if including them violates religious tenets. But he also noted that gays and lesbians have a right to adopt."

Washington Times' Cheryl Wetzstein reports that the Catholic Charities of the Boston Archdiocese's decision to halt adoption services in protest of homosexual adoptions may lead other Catholic Charities agencies to follow in their footsteps. LINK

The Boston Herald Notes that a new HBO series on Mormonism could affect voters views on Gov. Romney's religion and cost him in '08. LINK

Top Romney spokeswoman (really: more of a strategist), Julie Teer, leaves Beacon Hill for a political action committee called the Commonwealth PAC set up by Romney. LINK

The New York Post reports that Sen. Schumer is putting a lid on Gov. Pataki's pick for a federal judge. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) "sounds like a presidential hopeful," writes Ron Hayes of the Palm Beach Post discussing the governor's address to a Florida luncheon yesterday. LINK

In Pat Buchanan's American Conservative magazine, Justin Raimondo pens a cover story on "Hillary the Hawk" that portrays the former First Lady as a war-inclined politician, representing "the Amazonian wing of the Democratic party."

Clintons of Chappaqua:

The New York Post reports that Mark Patricof - "of the powerhouse Democratic fund-raising family," is hosting a soiree to raise money for Sen. Clinton. LINK

Dean's Democrats:

The Union Leader's editorial board defends New Hampshire's honor and wisdom, arguing that moving the state back in the nominating process is a "cockamamie" plan that will cause the Democratic Party to, "further insulate itself from the American public." LINK

"The voters can forget about meaningfully interacting with the candidates; they will be lucky to catch a glimpse of them."

The Los Angeles Times ed board opines that if she decides to run, Sen. Clinton will be helped by a Democratic Party move to allow up to four states to move their contests forward in the electoral calendar. LINK

"The change will make it even harder for insurgent campaigns to gain traction over time, and it's especially regrettable that the party will allow two of these contests to be caucuses -- where people have to attend a meeting and speak up for a candidate -- instead of primaries, which are far more democratic."

The New York Daily News' analysis of recent Democratic behavior has it helping the President. LINK

Katherine Harris:

Katherine Harris' much anticipated "major announcement" gets the New York Times treatment today. LINK


Note how Tom Rooney and Mark Foley carefully calibrate their responses to questions about how a Harris withdrawal may affect them.

But perhaps that's premature, Timeswoman Goodnough writes, "Some Republicans speculated Monday that Ms. Harris would announce not that she was dropping out but that she was resigning from the House to devote all her time to the Senate race."

Jeremy Wallace of the Herald Tribune writes that a Harris announcement is "expected" on Wednesday. He also writes that if Harris "pulls the plug," GOPers "won't have a lot of replacements to choose from." LINK

The Fitzgerald investigation:

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