The Note: Political Grandstanding

Jim VandeHei interviews Ben Bradlee about the latest installment of Vanity Fair scooping the Washington Post on naming a Bob Woodward source. LINK

"Vanity Fair is reporting that former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee says it is reasonable to assume former State Department official Richard L. Armitage is likely the source who revealed CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward," writes VandeHei.

More: "'I don't think I said it,' Bradlee said. 'I know who his source is, and I don't want to get into it. . . . I have not told a soul who it is.'"

VandeHei reports the Vanity Fair reporter was unavailable for an interview.

Bush Administration agenda and personality:

Per the New York Times, former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage may be called as a witness in a trial concerning, in part, the leaking of classified information to a journalist. LINK

Claude Allen:

The New York Times' Urbina and Kirkpatrick chart the rise and possible fall of Claude Allen's career. LINK

New Orleans:

The Los Angeles Times on Mitch Landrieu's campaign trip to Houston, TX where an estimated 45,000 registered New Orleans voters currently reside. LINK

The Houston Chronicle's Kristen Mack on the same: LINK

Port politics:

With the exact terms of the DPW plan still murky, the Wall Street Journal exclusively looks at what the company was prepared to offer at the end -- before the actual end. LINK

On where the Dubai deal stands, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner said on CNN yesterday that "the deal is over." LINK

Bloomberg News' Laura Litvan reports that chairwoman of the homeland security panel Susan Collins said her proposal, co-sponsored by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, would eliminate the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and be replaced by a Committee to Secure Commerce led by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

The Schwarzenegger Era:

San Francisco Chronicle ed board weighs in on whether or not Schwarzenegger's pledge to curb emissions of heat-trapping gases will lead to action or will remain just plain rhetoric. LINK


The DeLay team chalked up a win yesterday as a Texas state appeals court threw out over 30 subpoenas issued by Travis County prosecutors investigating DeLay's political fundraising activities over the last decade, writes R.G. Ratcliff in the Houston Chronicle. LINK

The politics of porn:

After getting her $2500 contribution all sorted out and in her own name, Mary Carey -- the porn star politician of California recall fame -- is all set to attend Thursday evening's NRCC fundraising dinner at which President Bush is expected as well.

Carey was disappointed to learn on Monday that the NRCC would not accept the original contribution sent from her producer's bank account in her legal name, Mary Cook.

She got in touch with the NRCC and sent $2500 from her account in her professional name, but she plans revenge. "I won't dress as conservatively as I did last year. I'm going to wear something more revealing this year because the NRCC is being mean to me," Carey told The Note.

NRCC spokesman Carl Forti responded by saying, "It is illegal to contribute to any political organization under someone else's name. Therefore we could not accept a donation from her producer in her name. If Mary is mad at anyone she should be mad at the FEC."

Carey, who says she loves the President, is searching for a Washington, DC venue to hold a Thursday afternoon press conference to reveal her dinner outfit.

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