The Note: Mincing and Parsing

Uber-attorney Bob Bennett, representing Judith Miller, tells the Times he expects to fight the scope of the subpoena she received.

Politics of Iraq:

The Washington Post's David Ignatius, in Baghdad, has the best news for President Bush in any of the morning's papers: "There are unmistakable signs," Ignatius writes, "Iraq's political leaders are taking the first tentative steps toward forming a broad government of national unity that could reverse the country's downward slide." LINK

David Brooks, in the New York Times, on the other hand, is scathing re: Rummy. LINK

David Broder in the Washington Post on the President's continued, but still unsuccessful, efforts to resolve public doubts about the war in Iraq: LINK

USA Today's Andrea Stone takes a look at those codels to Iraq: who's going, who's not and what they're worth (both in dollars and sense). LINK

Katherine Harris:

Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) announced on FNC's "Hannity & Colmes" yesterday that she plans to pour $10 million of her own money into the Florida Senate race.

The New York Times' Goodnough Notes that even if Rep. Harris spends her inheritance on the race, her husband owns a company worth up to $25 million. LINK

"Political observers suggest her impassioned declaration that she's in the race to win may do little to quell the doubts about her candidacy, given her anemic fundraising and volatile staffing. Just hours before Harris' appearance on Fox, Anne Dunsmore, who had come aboard as Harris' national fundraising director in December, left the campaign," write the Miami Herald's Clark and Reinhard. LINK

More from the Miami Herald duo: "'To beat an incumbent who's not in obvious trouble you need three things,' said Mac Stipanovich, a Republican strategist and unpaid advisor to Harris during the 2000 recount. 'You need to be financially competitive, a campaign staff that if not flawless is very good, and some luck. Till now she hasn't had any of the three.'"

Tamara Lytle of the Orlando Sentinel writes that "political analysts had differing views Wednesday about whether an infusion of her own wealth would change the dynamics of the race," having pollster Jim Kane saying that he is "convinced her campaign is mortally wounded," and political consultant David Johnson saying that "Money begets money. If she's willing to make that investment, people will say, 'OK, I'll invest in her.'" LINK

Anita Kumar and Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times have Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who has previously worked for Harris, reacting to the announcement: "She's like the sorority girl in college who's always got the boyfriend drama." LINK

In her Fox appearance, Harris did not on her own attempt to bring up any actual issues, except she seems to have a "message of a vision" (or she might have said a "vision of a message"). When asked the single non-process question that Sean posed, she mentioned transportation spending and values as two of the issues that separate her from Bill Nelson.


Fred Dicker follows his New York Post reporting on KT McFarland's voting record with her explanation that "the realities of family life" thwarted her best intentions. LINK

"McFarland's primary opponent, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, branded her claim 'bizarre,' insisting, 'Most people have families, so I guess we'd have no one voting in this country by her standards.'"

Dicker also calls Jeanine Pirro out for erroneously claiming New York shares a border with Ohio. LINK

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