The Note: Mincing and Parsing

Eliot Spitzer's lawsuit against H&R Block got him live coverage on CNN yesterday. We wonder if Kim Devlin has already called demanding equal time. Here's the New York Times' coverage of Spitzer's suit: LINK

Texas Democratic Chris Bell's path to the governor's mansion got a little rockier yesterday as 2002 Democratic candidate Tony Sanchez announced he would support independent Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, reports the Houston Chronicle's R.G. Ratcliffe. LINK

In an email to reporters summing up the top ten reasons why he thinks the GOP is having a "horrible, no good, very bad day," the DCCC's Bill Burton goes all Stuart Smiley with #7: "The President's own spokesman was forced to convince the American people yesterday that the White House has "a smart, capable and experienced team." [and doggone it, people like me?] LINK

"Long-suppressed tensions among House Republicans burst into full public view yesterday," writes Jonathan Allen of the Hill discussing yesterday's vote on the rules for floor debate on the Iraq spending bill, which divided fiscal conservatives and the leadership. LINK

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH), facing a tough election against Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), breaks ranks with Republicans on his own and votes with the Democrats on several health amendments, writes Carrie Sheffield of the Hill. LINK

In an interview with Charles Hurt of the Washington Times, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) says congressional GOPers will have a hard time enacting major spending cuts or comprehensive immigration reform. LINK

2008: Republicans:

The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi writes that on the national stage, Gov. Romney plays like Theodore Cleaver, "the adorable, wholesome boy played by Jerry Mathers in 'Leave it to Beaver,' the iconic sit-com of the 1950s. But back at home, it's not 'The Beaver' in the governor's office. It's Eddie Haskell, the neighborhood operator who was all talk and unctuous attitude." LINK

The AP reports that Gov. Romney is being denounced by gay-rights advocates over legislation the presidential hopeful is pushing that would exempt religious social services agencies from being required to place some adoptive children in same-sex households. LINK

Michelle Mittelstadt of the Dallas Morning News reports Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is pushing for an immigration bill on the Senate floor by March 27, much to the ire of Senator from both parties who want more time to balance national security and economic interests. LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carolyn Lochhead also picks up on the push for a quick vote. LINK

In an editorial as scathing as it is unfunny, the Washington Post ed board says: Maybe there are two Bill Frists -- Memphis Bill, who just hates that runaway entitlement spending, and Washington Bill, who presided over Senate passage of the biggest entitlement spending hike in decades. LINK

"When talks on how to rebuild the World Trade Center site foundered Tuesday night without an agreement, it was more bad news for Gov. George E. Pataki. The governor has made the rebuilding of the site a legacy issue, only to see construction there stymied by delay after delay as his final term in office winds down," writes Michael Cooper of the New York Times. LINK

The New York Post editorial page issues a scathing rebuke of Gov. Pataki and his agenda to rebuild lower Manhattan. LINK

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