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Gov. Romney is asked if he could keep up George Bush's fundraising schedule and answers by ascribing to Sen. Clinton a recent Washington Post report which said she is expected to raise $100 million. He also denounces the non-transparent money that is raised by 527s.

Gov. Romney says "you owe just as much political favor" to these new 527 organizations as in "the days of the past."

Gov. Romney says he doesn't have a great solution but offers that he would "far rather see a setting where people were able to make whatever contributions they make, they make it to the party and the candidate. It's reported so we know who is making the contribution and we can have accountability in that manner rather than having millions and millions of dollars given by wealth individuals to 527s, we don't know exactly who gave what to whom, and then the candidate cannot even control the spending."

The Boston Globe previews the CSPAN interview, spotlighting where he speaks out on how one's religion effects a presidential campaign. LINK

Nicole Boddington of the discusses up President Clinton and Gov. Huckabee's (R-AK) yesterday address at the inauguration of Heifer International's new headquarters. LINK

The AP has President Clinton saying that Gov. Huckabee "should not hold back" if he wants to run for president. LINK

2008: Democrats:

The Globe's Nina Easton reports that many Democrats are trying to appeal to the left wing individuals of their parties to further their re reelection chances, everyone that is but Hillary Clinton, Easton suggests. LINK

Susan Sarandon will probably not be a surrogate for Sen. Clinton anytime soon. Check out her comments in Page Six today. LINK

E.J. Kessler of The Forward previews Sen. Feingold's upcoming weekend journey to a Park Slope, Brooklyn synagogue. LINK

"Feingold said he would be speaking primarily about his Jewish upbringing at a Reform congregation in Madison, Wis., Temple Beth El, and about how the values he learned at that synagogue relate to his life and career. The senator, who is being honored at the synagogue gala in Brooklyn, also said he would be addressing 'some concerns' he has about how 'the White House has handled the war on terror,'" writes Kessler.

Sen. Feingold has lost the New York Times editorial board in his quest for censure -- not a good development for him. The ed board writes it understands the Senator's frustration, but. . . LINK

". . . the censure proposal is a bad idea. Members of Congress don't need to take extraordinary measures like that now. They need to fulfill their sworn duty to investigate the executive branch's misdeeds and failings. Talk about censure will only distract the public from the failure of their elected representatives to earn their paychecks."

Iowa: Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register has the Democratic gubernatorial candidates weighing in differently on the recent Iowa ban on slot-like Touchplay machines. LINK

The AP on the same: LINK

For more on the Touchplay controversy, check out the Des Moines Register editorial board chastising Gov. Vilsack (D-IA) for signing the ban and calling the move a "betrayal of investors who entered into good-faith partnerships with the state." LINK

Port politics:

Bloomberg News reports on the congressional reaction and calls for new legislation post Dubai port agreement, especially when it comes to national security and foreign assets. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

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