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Michael Finnegan of the Los Angeles Times offers up an excellent news analysis looking at the impact Gov. Schwarzenegger's inability to persuade the legislature to put his proposed public works program on the June ballot may or may not have on his November electoral prospects. LINK

Mark Martin of the San Francisco Chronicle details Gov. Schwarzenegger's latest defeat by his own party on his public works spending plan, Noting that privately, Republicans said Schwarzenegger "did little to represent their interests in discussions with Democrats" and complained that he spent too much time working with democrats and "too little time creating the needed support among Republicans." LINK

More Martin: "Political observers said not having a bond proposal on the June ballot was a blow to Schwarzenegger, who has had several major policy failures since taking office, such as a government-reform plan that went largely ignored and last year's government-overhaul plans that were defeated by voters."

Katherine Harris:

Lelsey Clark and Beth Reinhard of the Miami Herald write that Harris' touting of her father's inheritance might "turn off potential donors, and for every voter impressed by her financial commitment, Harris runs the risk of being painted as someone who wants to buy a U.S. Senate seat." LINK

March, Epstein, and Fetcher of the Tampa Tribune write that Harris' everything-I-have story "has obvious emotional appeal to voters but may not square with what's known of her personal finances" and have Jennifer Steen, a Boston College politics professor saying that "It looks like only one person thinks Katherine Harris is a good investment: Katherine Harris." LINK

Jerremy Wallace of the Herald Tribune has GOP strategist Mac Stipanovich saying that the move is "an interesting gamble, but if it were me, I would have just taken the $10 million, flown to Vegas and put it on red." LINK

Cory Reiss of the Herald Tribune reminds us of Harris' troubles that did not get enough media pickup since the "important announcement," saying that "Political analysts and Republican strategists say that whatever effect Harris' infusion of cash might have on her bid to unseat Nelson, Harris must answer questions about Wade that she has dodged for three weeks." LINK


National Journal's Kirk Victor profiles the first year in the Senate for "rising stars" Barack Obama and John Thune. LINK

The New York Times profiles John Aschroft the lobbyist and his quest to bring "integrity" to his new(ish) profession. LINK

Weekend politics:

This weekend, Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) and 700 students help out with rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Edwards will also headline a fundraiser for Ankeny Area Democrats in Ankeny, IA.

Also this weekend, Gen. Wesley Clark attends events for the New Hampshire House Democratic Caucus across New Hampshire.

While in New Hampshire on Saturday, Gov. Romney has four events: he is attending a Cheshire County GOP breakfast, a Concord GOP women's reception, a Hampton GOP/Rockingham County GOP reception, and a Derry GOP reception.

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) attends fundraisers and events in Kensington, Hooksett, and Manchester, NH on Saturday. On Sunday, he celebrates St. Patrick's Day by attending a breakfast and parade in Manchester, NH and heading to a fundraiser in Hanover NH.

Sen. George Allen (R-VA) attends a fundraiser for the Iowa Republican Party in Davenport, IA on Saturday.

Former President Clinton promotes the Earned Income Tax Credit in Little Rock, AR on Saturday. The next day, he promotes the EITC in Baton Rouge, LA.

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