The Note: Capital Expenditure

In a story sure to be posted to the Web site of Senator Russ Feingold's PAC before 10:00 am ET, the New York Observer takes on Democrats for not supporting the Wisconsin Senator's censure resolution -- and has a host of former Democratic operatives going on the record about their confusion over why the resolution hasn't received more support from party leaders. LINK

The hiring of former Tim Kaine campaign aide Matthew Felan by Hillary Clinton's HILLPAC is a "twofer" for Clinton, according to an analyst quoted by the New York Daily News: "She gets his ability to raise money and she gets his knowledge of Virginia politics and players, which includes Mark Warner." LINK

Note to Mike McAuliff of the Daily News: Before reporting breathlessly that Roger Altman "is back in the fold" for the Junior Senator from Chappaqua (LINK), you probably should have looked at this low hanging fruit available to any inquisitive Googling monkey: LINK

And haven't they done a bunch of events together all around upstate New York that your desk is always receiving advisories about?

"I was fuming," writes John Edwards in a "special message" to supporters of his "One America" committee about comments recently made by Treasury Secretary John Snow.

Snow provoked the North Carolinian's ire by telling the Wall Street Journal that skyrocketing CEO pay can be explained by America's movement to a "star system." In his missive to supporters, Edwards accuses Snow of "fudging the numbers" on wage disparities by pointing to an increase in average incomes when median family income has "actually fallen under Bush."

Edwards ends his e-mail by inviting supporters to tell Secretary Snow that he has "his facts -- and his priorities -- all wrong."

The dean of the Palmetto State political press corps, The State's Lee Bandy, writes up Sen. Joe Biden's (D-DE) recent trip to South Carolina and includes the Senator's comparison of Delaware to South Carolina as reason for why he is comfortable there as well as Biden's thesis that the Democratic Party has moved from "the Saturday party" to "the Monday party." LINK


Rep. Tom DeLay tells the Houston Chronicle he expects the "bogus" charges against him to be dropped after his reelection bid. The case, which is in a sort of legal limbo, takes a step forward today. LINK

District Attorney Ronnie Earle will try to convince a panel of three appeals judges that he should be allowed to charge DeLay with conspiracy to violate the state election code.


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is heading up the effort to counter Democrat criticism on the Senate floor, saying that "he hopes that Democrats will become dissuaded from attacking Bush and his party on the Senate floor once they learn to expect that colleagues will respond to their remarks armed with voting records and other research," writes Alexander Bolton of the Hill. LINK

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