The Note: Thumbs on Both Sides of the Scale

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) brings HUD Deputy Secretary Roy Bernardi and advocate Dr. Benjamin Hooks to Rochester, NY to participate in a forum that will showcase the work being done by Rochester to eliminate lead-based paint in local homes and buildings.

The Energy Information Administration releases its survey of retail gas prices at 4:30 pm ET.

MyDD's Jerome Armstrong, Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas, and NDN's Simon Rosenberg speak at The George Washington University at 6:00 pm ET. Armstrong and Moulitsas are also speaking about their new book, "Crashing the Gate, at "Politics and Prose" bookstore at 1:00 pm ET. LINK

Beginning at 12:00 pm ET, Vision America holds a conference on "The War on Christians and Values Voters in 2006." Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) delivers remarks at 7:00 pm ET.

Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) is in Phoenix, AZ to raise money for his political action committee.

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) continues his two-day visit to New Hampshire.

See below for our patented and hilarious week-ahead schedule.

Congratulations to Jaclyn and Kevin on the arrival of Riley Martin Madden - who we are certain won't grow up to resent the fact that his father emailed his birth announcement to reporters within 62 minutes of his arrival.

Politics of immigration:

ABC's "Good Morning America" looked at the numerous sides of the immigration debate this morning and Noted the 2008 implications it could have.

Glenn Thrush and Peter Clark of Newsday offer us the likely summary of the upcoming immigration debate: "Throw in a little 2008 presidential intrigue, some Bible-thumping from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the prospect of new protests on Capitol Hill today and Democratic Leader Harry Reid's promise to filibuster any immigration bill he doesn't like -- and you're looking at one long, hard week coming up for the ruling Republicans." LINK

Charles Hurt of the Washington Times calls it "highly unlikely" that a consensus will be reached for Senate Majority leader Bill Frist to include a guest-worker program in his border-security bill. Hurt also predicts that the Judiciary Committee's bill dealing with future immigrants is likely to be approved in the committee today, but the terms involving 11 million illegals already here is "far less likely." LINK

The Boston Globe on the efforts of Senators Specter (R-PA), McCain (R-AZ) and Kennedy (D-MA), who are pushing forward immigration reform. LINK

On the CBS "Early Show," GOP consultant Bay Buchanan faced-off with Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) on immigration. Gov. Richardson argued for "a legalization path," tighter border security, and employer sanctions, calling the proposal to deport illegal immigrants "unrealistic," while Ms. Buchanan argued that "it is certainly not impossible to move these people out" and that every guest-worker program in the past turned into amnesty.

The New York Times' coverage of the protests and the Catholic Church's influential role in supporting the immigrant community: LINK

". . . with looming elections and Republican presidential jockeying casting a distorting fuzz over the debate, it may be too late for Mr. Bush's hands-off approach. If the president really wants a sensible reform bill to reach his desk, he will have to do more than stand on the sidelines, urging everyone to have good manners," writes the New York Times editorial board with seeming accuracy. LINK

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