The Note: Thumbs on Both Sides of the Scale

Gingrich on the Clintons to Dowd in 1994: "'That is honestly who he is,' he said of the President. 'He's a very smart, very clever tactician whose core system of activity is a combination of counterculture and McGovern. He was McGovern's Texas director, he and his wife were counterculture at Yale, and why wouldn't you accept that they really are who they are? Their problem is, that is a contradiction with the vast majority of Americans. So you have this constant internal stress and what the American people were saying is 'Enough.'"

"Had enough?" is also, of course, the slogan Republicans used during Harry Truman's presidency in 1946 when Americans elected the first Republican Congress since 1928. LINK

Trevor Fitzgibbon (the man at the center of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy) will go from busy to busier in April when MoveOn begins bombarding five House districts with television ads aimed at turning second-tier races into competitive contests.

Eli Pariser, MoveOn's executive director, told ABC News that MoveOn plans to spend $300,000-400,000 per district on these ads. The ads will play two weeks on, and two weeks off, for three months.

MoveOn refuses to identify which districts the ads will air in so as not to give their Republican rivals a head start in raising money to combat the ads. The second-tier districts were chosen on the basis of which seats MoveOn believes are most likely to become competitive. They were also chosen for their relatively low-cost media markets and for the substantial number of local MoveOn members who live in those particular districts.

Although MoveOn supports Rep. John Murtha's (D-PA) strategic redeployment plan, the liberal advocacy group did not make support for such a plan a litmus test in deciding where to run its ads, according to Pariser.

Pariser told ABC News that he believes there will come a time before November when the media decides that the House is in play. MoveOn is hoping that such a moment comes early because Pariser believes that it will "open the floodgates" in terms of money and enthusiasm from MoveOn members.

More from the Washington Post: LINK

In her latest "take from the trenches," Amy Walter writes that Peter Roskam "starts as the favorite" in his race against Tammy Duckworth because of the "overall GOP lean" in Illinois' 6th congressional district.

As for the GOP effort to knock off freshman Rep. Mellisa Bean (D) in Illinois' 8th congressional district, Walter writes: "We have this race in the toss-up category, but as of now, it leans slightly to Bean" because GOPers have "yet to make a convincing case as to why" Bean "deserves to be fired and Bean has not given them many opportunities to make that case."

San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci points out that the results of next week's special election for an open seat in California's strong Republican district may be a "harbinger of the midterm congressional elections this November: [Francine] Busby is pounding ethics to her audiences and the Republican candidates are tussling over who's tougher on immigration." LINK

For US News and World Report, Dan Gilgoff looks at the Democratic Iraq war vets running for Congress and explains why they're facing an uphill climb even within their own party. LINK

2006: Senate:

Sen. Burns told supporters on Saturday that he won't back down from re-election in 2006, no matter who challenges him in the primary or general elections, reports Jim Gransbery of the Billings Gazette. LINK

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