Morning Show Wrap

CBS' Byron Pitts: "The problem for Kerry: this race is tight and he is running out of time." Elements: Kerry pushing for early voting, seizing on Sanchez letter, attacking on health care, mocking Bush's suggestion that healthy Americans forego a flu shot.

CBS' Bill Plante on Bush NJ speech and the CBS News Poll: "More ominously for Bush: 57 percent of people see the country seriously on the wrong track. Those kind of numbers would ordinarily" be the kiss of death but "voter reservations about John Kerry are keeping John Kerry dead even."

NBC's Norah O'Donnell handled Bush's New Jersey terrorism speech for "Today."

NBC's Carl Quintanilla: "Kerry had planned to stick to domestic issues but some advisors say that Bush's focus on security issues is hurting him." Quintanilla said Kerry decided to run "Bush's Mess" in response to Bush's focus on security issues.


On CNN's "American Morning," Democratic Senate candidate Barack Obama, who enjoys a 45 point lead over Republican Alan Keyes, said of his success: "You enjoy the hype but I tend to be suspicious of hype because I know how hard it is to get stuff done in politics." There's the part of politics that's about "making speeches and framing the debate" and there is the part of politics that is about drafting legislation and getting enough votes for it. It's the latter part of it that has the most lasting effect.

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