The Note: And Don't Forget Health Care, Part IV

2008: conventions:

Eleven cities presented proposals to the RNC convention site selection committee yesterday. The presentation is not a requirement in the bid process, but does put potential host city organizers in front of the key committee. The RNC is not publicly disclosing which 11 cities made presentations since some cities that did not present will likely still submit proposals and be in the running to host the convention.

Final proposals from all interested cities are due to the RNC by May 22. RNC co-chair Jo Ann Davidson chairs the site selection committee. The Western, Southern, Midwestern, and Northeastern regions each have two representatives on the committee.

2008: Republicans:

Jeff Zeleny and a Des Moines dateline - not many things go as perfectly together. The Chicago Tribune scribe broke some news last night on his paper's blog that "John McCain has reeled in one of the state's best-known Republicans to join his 2008 team."

"Chuck Larson, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa and a state senator from Cedar Rapids, has jumped aboard the McCain bandwagon. He will be at his side Thursday as the Arizona Republican travels to four Iowa cities, launching his effort to win over GOP activists in a state that kicks off the road to the White House." LINK

At deadline, no word on where Zeleny had his Tuesday dinner. Howard Wilkinson of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes up McCain's stumping yesterday for Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Notes that the two have diverging views on immigration. LINK

The Boston Globe reports on a last minute jab toward Democrats by Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), that has sent them scratching their heads. Romney now wants to veto a fee within the new Massachusetts healthcare legislation. LINK

The Boston Herald reports, "Gov. Mitt Romney's star turn in the national health care limelight has left some critics in Massachusetts in the shadows and fuming that the governor's presidential aspirations are crowding them out." LINK

The Wall Street Journal's ed board gives Gov. Romney credit for talking about health care, saying that he is "miles ahead of GOP Congressional leaders, who won't even vote on pro-market reforms."

However, the ed board has its qualms: "The core flaw is that the plan forces individuals to buy health insurance, and penalizes businesses that don't provide it, before deregulating the market for private health insurance. So the state is forcing people to buy insurance many will need subsidies to afford, which is a recipe for higher taxes and more government intervention down the road."

The Journal concludes thusly: "The real health insurance problem in America today isn't lack of coverage per se; it's the inability of insurers to offer affordable policies in many states. By making a fetish of 'universal' coverage, Governor Romney has bought into a bidding war that Democrats and advocates of socialized medicine are bound to win in the end."

Gov. Mitt Romney was spotted at last night's season opener for the Red Sox. LINK

After an article in the Argus Union Leader with the header "Gingrich at USD: Pull out of Iraq" caused a bit of a stir yesterday, Gingrich's Web site,, reported that the headline has been changed to "Gingrich at USD: Scale back to small force in Iraq."

Gingrich's Web site also included this:

"Gingrich's position of Iraq has been consistent and clear:"

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