The Note: And Don't Forget Health Care, Part IV

The New York Daily News reports on some verbal missteps by Weld, including saying "anthrax" when he meant "asthma" and referring to New York's Fresh Kills landfill as "Fishkill." LINK

William March gives us some quick data from a Tampa Tribune analysis of campaign finance reports in the GOP gubernatorial primary. LINK

New Hampshire:

Dean to Mehlman: Can you hear me now? The Portsmouth Herald runs the AP story on the phone jamming controversy in New Hampshire, highlighting Howard Dean's questions for Ken Mehlman. LINK

"The Republican National Committee says the calls involved routine election business and that it was 'preposterous' to suggest they involved phone jamming."

Democratic agenda:

The Hill's Josephine Hearn looks at the increasing influence of blogs and at House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's (R-CA) efforts to "take her House Democrats a few steps farther into the blogosphere," even as she has "taken some beatings recently in the liberal blogosphere." LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

The Los Angeles Times reports that although the Governor "threw his political weight behind a drive to curb greenhouse gas emissions," it's unclear whether the move will satisfy either environmentalists or business leaders. LINK


Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe writes of a "candidate to candidate giving," which is growing in popularity as a political fundraising method. LINK

Grover Norquist is seeking to trademark the name of his "K Street Project," writes Carrie Sheffield of The Hill. LINK

Ann Richards tells the AP she feels "terrific" and expects to make a full recovery from esophageal cancer. LINK

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