The Note: Decisions to Be Made

The Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip reports that the release of minutes from last month's meeting of the Federal Reserve gave "the strongest signal yet that an expected rate increase by the Fed at its next meeting May 10 may be the last for some time."

Politics of immigration:

The DNC is expected to launch its meta-response (the DNC claims it planned to run these ads prior to the RNC ad released on Monday) Spanish language radio ad on immigration today. The ad will be heard in Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. It will also run nationally on Univision radio. The next phase of the campaign will include print ads next week in both Spanish and English and the radio ad will likely play in additional markets.

DNC spokesman Mark Paustenbach says, "Our ads will set the record straight about the Democratic Party's fight for comprehensive immigration reform, whereas the RNC's ads are a distortion of the Republican Party's extreme record on immigration."

Neither the script nor the audio for the ad was available at press time.

The Minuteman Project announced plans for a national caravan set to depart Los Angeles, CA, on May 3 and end in Washington, D.C. on May 12. The caravan will include a stop in President Bush's hometown of Crawford, TX, on May 6, "to highlight the President's lack of leadership in this important aspect of homeland security," reads the group's press release.

The Fitzgerald investigation:

Lawyers for NBC News, the New York Times, and Time Inc. accused Scooter Libby yesterday of threatening the integrity of their news gathering operations by seeking access to a wide range of documents in the CIA leak case, the Washington Post reports. LINK

The New York Times covers it too: LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Squeo and Ellison have free-speech advocates saying that the Libby and Jack Anderson cases "represent an assault on reporters' unpublished work."

Big Casino budget politics:

The Washington Post writes up the battle to save a portion of the Clinton-era AmeriCorps program from the Bush Administration's budget chopping block. LINK

GOP agenda:

Because "House Republicans have bickered over the details of high-profile bills in recent months," Republican leaders created six issue-based working groups to "address the major themes of this election cycle" and to coordinate the GOP House movements, writes Patrick O'Connor of the Hill. LINK

2008: Republicans:

West Virginia Republicans have agreed to move their presidential primary from May to February in the hopes that it will put their state "in play" in the 2008 nomination process, writes Christina Bellantoni of the Washington Times. The plan for a January 2008 Internet-based election for delegates to the February 2008 convention would no doubt complicate GOTV operations for the Republican hopefuls who choose to compete there. LINK

The AP reports on Ralph Reed's campaign announcing an upcoming fundraiser featuring Rudy Giuliani. LINK

Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel says Giuliani has known Reed for years and that he is his Giuliani's candidate of choice in the Georgia lieutenant governor's race. Mindel also said that this isn't the first fundraiser that Giuliani has done for Reed. He also headlined a closed June 2005 fundraiser for Reed's campaign.

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